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WATCH: Kamala Harris Tries To Walk Back Joe’s Mess


Trying and failing miserably, I might add…

Nothing this woman says or does has any substance, and that is because she has no substance. Kamala Harris is an individual who was only chosen to be in power because of her genitals and the color of her skin.

Two things that have absolutely no bearing on skill, competence, morality, intellect, and overall ability.

In a recent interview with one of MSNBC’s lead propagandists, Joy Reid, Kamala Harris attempts to walk back Biden’s recent comments about regime change in Russia

What followed was roughly 2.5 minutes of the biggest non-answer I have ever heard in my life. Kamala stumbles to say anything of substance here. Her answer sounds like the 1st paragraph of a freshman undergrad’s poli-sci paper.

Not only are her words empty of any meaning whatsoever, but they’re also blatantly false; the U.S. government has pursued a policy of regime change for the last 70 years, at the cost of our own people.

The idea that they believe that we buy the claim that they would not pursue regime change, after the sanctions are reportedly failing to deter Russia, and after the usurper-in-chief brazenly proclaimed it on live television is absurd.

For God’s sake, these people cannot remain in power; the only regime change we need is right here at home:

Fox News had this to say about the recent interview:

Harris initially dodged the question by giving a long-winded answer, pivoting to the “serious consequence” the Biden administration vows to place on Putin for his aggression toward Ukraine, citing “severe sanctions” she said are “having a real impact and an immediate impact, not to mention the longer-term impact.”


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The Economist notes that the sanctions aren’t working to deter Russia:

Is the West’s strategy still going to plan? The chaos in Russian markets seems to have subsided.

Since its low in early March the rouble has jumped, and is now approaching its pre-war level. The main benchmark of Russian stocks plunged by a third, but has since stabilised.

The government and most firms are keeping up with their payments on foreign-currency bonds. A run on banks that saw nearly 3trn roubles ($31bn) withdrawn came to an end, with Russians returning much of the cash to their accounts.


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