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Remember The Pizzagate Shooter Case? Ketanji Brown Jackson Was The Judge


Edgar Maddison Welch was sentenced to roughly 4 years in prison after he reportedly fired an AR-15 inside of Comet Pizza…

The judge presiding over the case? None other than Ketanji Brown Jackson—Biden’s SCOTUS nominee.

Normally, I wouldn’t even think to mention this. While many people suspect that Comet Ping-Pong is a staging ground for child sex trafficking operations no one yet has definitive proof.

Welch’s alleged actions were therefore just too much. If we had definite proof that Comet Pizza is 100% a front for child trafficking then it would be a different story…

So what’s the big deal?

None of this would matter if Jackson did not have a troubling history of leniency towards convicted pedophiles…

Welch’s lawyer asked for a reduced sentence of 18 months, as opposed to the 4 years that Jackson gave him.

Why is she so keen on showing leniency to convicted child predators, but not for someone who tried to remedy that problem—however flawed his methods may have been?

Which one is worse, a convicted pedophile distributing child pornography, or a potentially unstable man trying to root out what he sees as a high profile pedophile ring?

Welch may be wrong in what he did, and he may even be right in what he did, but no one can call him evil or a social sickness—the most we can say is that his actions were reckless.

Contrast this with the pedophiles Jackson is letting off easy, and we really have to wonder what her actual intentions are behind an ideological position revealed by her pattern of sentencing.

Many were surprised by the recently resurfaced connection between Jackson and the Edgar Maddison Welch case:

ABC News provides some background context for the Welch case:

Welch “carried a loaded AR-15 assault rifle and a revolver into a Northwest Washington pizza restaurant, scattering employees and customers, and fired his assault rifle into a door,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C. said in a statement announcing the sentence.



Western Journal asks:

Why were men who possessed child pornography worthy of drastically reduced sentences, but not the man who, as Jackson seems to believe, thought he was attacking a hub of child sex traffickers?

I’m certainly not saying that Welsh was motivated by proper morals or accurate information when he stormed Comet Ping Pong, by any means.

I am saying you’d think it would be more worthy of note that she had these ties to wild conspiracy theories about pedophiles in high places and she also ideologically fights for leniency for child pornographers.

You know?


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