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Dr. Zelenko Says He’s on Big Pharma’s Assassination List


Dr. Zev Zelenko has been front and center in the war against Big Pharma.

He’s done so at great risk to his own personal safety.

Despite that risk, Dr. Zelenko has no plans to back down.

While having a discussion with Dr. Bryan Ardis, the two began discussing Big Pharma’s alleged assassination list.

Dr. Zelenko claimed that both he and Dr. Ardis are at the top of this list.

He cited “high level intel” that he had received which shows that Dr. Ardis and himself are numbers one and two on the list.

Here’s a portion of that interview:

Zelenko was asked by Stew Peters to expand upon his claim that Big Pharma has an assassination hit list.

Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s How To PROTECT and REBUILD Your Immune System If You Took The Poison Vaxx (Dr. Zelenko)

Dr. Zelenko mentioned that he has “multiple dead man switches” in place.

He says some of the critical intel he has will eliminate the flu shot industry and treat RSV, small pox, herpes, and other viruses.

Zelenko has really put himself front and center lately, and says he is not afraid of any of the consequences.

He also discussed the government’s strategy to ‘hijack’ the narrative:


Dr. Zelenko’s New Protocol To DETOX and RESTORE Your Immune System!

Here’s even more from this brave doctor…

Dr.Zelenko has been hard at work exposing the hidden globalist agenda…

I know that many of you have friends and family who peddle the nonsense that there are never conspiracies going on around them all the time, that the very word ‘conspiracy’ is dirty and full of negative connotation.

I recommend that you tell those people to read this book: A History of Money and Banking in the United States: The Colonial Era to World War II by Murray Rothbard.

There are countless organized agendas against the general population at any given time. These organized cabals have taken on many different names throughout history—currently they’re known as the globalists.

We have heard the likes of Bill Gates and others openly discuss a depopulation agenda and other agendas relating to this goal…

Now we are seeing Dr.Zelenko expose this globalist depopulation agenda:

The Canton Repository outlined one of Dr.Zelenko’s core beliefs:

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who claims he has developed a COVID-19 protocol that is 99% effective for COVID-19 patients, said the country is being buffeted by an ideology that embraces evolution rather than God, and that some have even embraced the notion of human superiority once espoused by the Nazis.

“If anyone thinks that ideology is gone, they’re mistaken,” he said. “But it’s not anti-Semitic. It’s something being embraced by the sociopathic pagans of yesteryears. They believe themselves to be God.”

According to Independent.UK, roughly 5% of people in Britain now believe that Covid was part of this depopulation agenda:

One in 20 adults in Britain believe it is definitely true Covid-19 has been intentionally released as part of a depopulation plan orchestrated by the United Nations or New World Order, a poll suggests, as a warning is sounded about “dangerous” conspiracy theories.

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