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Update On Bob Saget: “This Is The ENTIRE Story…”


Ok folks, buckle up because I have another update on the Bob Saget unsolved death story.

We don’t normally spend so much time covering celebrities on this site, but there is something very unusual here.

And let me just say right off the bat I am sad for the grieving family.

I understand also that the family does not want any more investigation done into this case, however the news must be reported.

In fact, the open and honest reporting of the news is so important that our Founding Fathers put it #1 on the list of Rights that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.



Let me also say this upfront: I have NO IDEA what happened to Bob Saget in that hotel room (or perhaps outside that hotel room?).

I wasn’t there.

But I do know this…

After a lifetime of covering the news, you develop a sixth sense for sniffing out when all the dots don’t seem to be connecting.

And that’s my feel here.

Bob Saget may have been the best human being on the planet and there may be no foul play involved and it may have 100% been an accident, but…many things still do not make sense to me.

I’ve written about some of those previously here:

WeLoveTrump Right Again? New Details Emerge About Bob Saget’s Death…

And now we have new information that not only does NOT clear anything up, it only raises new questions for me.

A lot of new questions.

Starting with one line in a recent report that just jumped off the page at me when I read it.

From Yahoo News, this is the new statement released by the family just this week:

In response, Saget’s family attorney, Brian H. Bieber, spoke to People magazine about what investigators said is the final autopsy report.

The records released tell the entire story — that is — Bob passed away after a fall and hitting his head in his hotel room,” Bieber said in the statement to People. “Now that the medical examiner’s and police department’s records have been released after their respective thorough investigations, the Saget family would appreciate privacy to mourn in peace.”

Cocci described how Saget complained of having long-term COVID, which he tested positive for weeks before his death and at the time of his autopsy, People reported.

Look, call me jaded, but it’s the bold part that jumped off the page at me.

When your statement is so defensive that it starts out with “The records released tell the whole story” and you’re basically lecturing the world to stop digging, my red flags go way up.

This hasn’t felt like the whole story from the moment the news broke, and now we’re being told it is absolutely, 100% the full story, please stop digging?

I’m sorry and I’m sorry for their loss, but I don’t buy it.

Whenever someone says “It’s not about the money” you can bet on one thing: it’s 100% about the money and nothing else.

And when someone says “This is the full story” I tend to think there’s probably a lot more SOMEONE sure hopes doesn’t get discovered.

All pure speculation on my part.

But then there’s more.

Much more….

Let’s start here: remember how the official story has been he hit his head on the headboard of the bed?

Well, now we have pictures and here’s the headboard:

You can’t make this stuff up folks…FULLY padded from every conceivable angle!

Here is the full police footage just released:

More on the headboard here from TMZ:

I’m not the only person who thinks something is strange here…

Let’s look at some Tweets:




And do you remember this?

Not that I’m a big fan of his, but here’s what even Sanjay Gupta had to say:

Folks, it’s tragic he’s dead, I feel sorry for the family, but I have to know what you think…

Do you buy the official story?


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