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Ilhan Omar: “Clarence Thomas Needs to Be Impeached” Because His Wife Texted Mark Meadows


Ilhan Omar is leading the crusade against Justice Clarence Thomas and is now calling on him to be impeached.


Because Clarence Thomas’ wife happened to text Mark Meadows about the stolen 2020 election.

Apparently, her text messages “prove” that she was part of the January 6 “insurrection.”

Yes. It is far fetched.

But what else is new from Ilhan Omar?

More details below:

Should Clarence Thomas be punished for his wife’s political beliefs?

Shouldn’t she be free to exercise her First Amendment rights?

Apparently not, if Ilhan Omar has anything to say about it.

Fortunately, the folks over at Hot Air have an excellent defense for Thomas:

Rep. Ilhan Omar has an idea. How about impeaching Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas because his wife, Ginni, sent some text messages to President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows? No doubt this sounds like a reasonable idea to the far-left progressives in Omar’s political bubble. Apparently, Clarence Thomas must be held responsible for his wife’s political activities.

We are still reliving the 2020 presidential election. The media is obsessed with Trump and doesn’t know how to move past him in their news coverage. He is great for ratings and clicks for online articles. When text messages from Ginni Thomas to Meadows were conveniently leaked to the press by someone with access to them through the January 6 committee, Omar jumped on Twitter and posted that it is time to impeach Clarence Thomas.

Omar connects non-existent dots that link Ginni’s communication with Meadows to Clarence Thomas’ vote in the Supreme Court against allowing Trump’s documents on the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill to be released to the January 6 committee. The others on the court voted against Trump and in favor of the committee. Omar and other progressives think Thomas should have recused himself from that vote, given his wife’s involvement with communicating with Trump’s chief of staff.

Some interesting tidbits have come out since those documents were released because it is to the benefit of the January 6 committee to leak them. Besides the 29 text messages to Meadows from Ginni, a never-used draft executive order to seize voting machines was included. This gotcha moment involving Thomas and his wife comes at a particularly unfortunate time as Justice Thomas is hospitalized for an infection and there are really no details on his recovery being released.

The Stop the Steal protest is not the first time Ginni Thomas’ political activity has been subjected to media reporting. She has been a thorn in the side of progressives for many years. She was very active in the Tea Party movement during the Obama administration. It isn’t breaking news that she’s a Trump supporter. Ginni gave an interview to the Washington Free Beacon earlier this month and talked about January 6, 2021. She said she was not an organizer of the rally she attended before the riot broke out on Capitol Hill. She noted that though she and her husband share the same principles and ideals, they keep their professional lives separate. Critics have tried for years to claim it is an ethical violation for Thomas to vote on issues that his wife may have some connection to.


There has been no evidence that Clarence Thomas’ vote on the House subpoena for White House records relating to the 2020 elections was due to his wife’s belief in a stolen election. However, there have been calls for Thomas to recuse himself from any future cases related to the events of January 6. Ginni Thomas says she did attend the Trump rally that day but she left before Trump spoke to the crowd and was only there for a short time.

Why are Democrats still so obsessed over the 2020 election?

Is it because they’re afraid of the truth eventually coming out?

Rather than fostering transparency, they have sparked witch hunt after witch hunt against conservatives.

It appears the American people aren’t falling for Omar’s schtick.

Many people took to social media to reprimand the congresswoman.

Still, because she is part of the “Squad, Ilhan Omar has the unique capability to generate headlines.

This means that Democrats who trust the mainstream media without question will be on the “impeach Clarence Thomas” bandwagon.

Furthermore, the timing of the news appears to be suspect.

After all, Clarence Thomas was recently hospitalized for a non-Covid viral infection.

The Washington Free Beacon has more details on Virginia Thomas, Clarence Thomas’ wife:

Virginia “Ginni” Thomas wants to clear up a few things about January 6.

She did not help organize the White House rally that preceded the riot at the Capitol. She did attend the rally, but got cold and left early. And most importantly, in her view, her involvement with the event has no bearing on the work of her husband, Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas.

A veteran conservative operator, critics have for decades charged that her political activity poses an ethics conundrum for the justice. She was keen to dispel misperceptions and shared fresh details about her professional life.

“Like so many married couples, we share many of the same ideals, principles, and aspirations for America,” Thomas told the Washington Free Beacon. “But we have our own separate careers, and our own ideas and opinions too. Clarence doesn’t discuss his work with me, and I don’t involve him in my work.”

Though Thomas has taken steps to adjust her public profile, such as deleting her Facebook page, she has no plans to curtail her professional activities.

In a wide-ranging interview, Thomas spoke for the first time about a series of recent news reports linking her with the events of Jan. 6 and alleging Mrs. Thomas’s activities create a conflict of interest for her husband and undermine the Supreme Court’s standing with the public.

“If you are going to be true to yourself and your professional calling, you can never be intimidated, chilled, or censored by what the press or others say,” she said.

In January, the Supreme Court rebuffed former president Donald Trump’s request to quash a House subpoena for White House records relating to the 2020 elections. Justice Thomas was the only member of the Court to publicly note his dissent.

That datapoint, combined with incomplete public accounts of Mrs. Thomas’s advocacy related to the 2020 election, spawned a push for the justice to recuse himself from future cases related to the events of Jan. 6.

Thomas told the Free Beacon that she was in the crowd at the Ellipse rally for a short time the morning of Jan. 6, but returned home before Trump took the stage at noon. Her presence at the Ellipse during the morning was the extent of her activity, she said.

“I was disappointed and frustrated that there was violence that happened following a peaceful gathering of Trump supporters on the Ellipse on Jan. 6,” Thomas told the Free Beacon. “There are important and legitimate substantive questions about achieving goals like electoral integrity, racial equality, and political accountability that a democratic system like ours needs to be able to discuss and debate rationally in the political square. I fear we are losing that ability.”

In January and February, the New Yorker and the New York Times Magazine each published longform pieces alleging that Thomas had a much larger role in the events of Jan. 6. The Times in particular cast Thomas as an important trouble-shooter in the leadup to the rally, reporting she acted as an intermediary among bickering activists organizing the event.

Citing second-hand information from organizer Dustin Stockton, the Times reported that Thomas acted as a peacemaker between two feuding faction leaders—Jenny Beth Martin of Tea Party Patriots and Amy Kremer of Women for America First—convincing both to participate in the rally for the sake of shared goals.

Thomas, Martin, and Kremer each reject that claim.

“I played no role with those who were planning and leading the Jan. 6 events,” Thomas said. “There are stories in the press suggesting I paid or arranged for buses. I did not. There are other stories saying I mediated feuding factions of leaders for that day. I did not.”

It’s clear that the Thomases are innocent.

The Democrats have gotten away with things much worse over the last few decades.

Yet this continues to be a talking point for the radical left.

Hopefully it stays there and doesn’t become mainstream.

But given the left’s obsession with court-packing, we wouldn’t be surprised if they make a coordinated move against Clarence Thomas next.

And if they do, you can expect Ilhan Omar to be leading the charge.


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