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The “Two Presidents” Prophecy: Joy Comes In The Spring!


Kim Clement gave several popular prophecies years ago about the time we are currently living in.

And by years ago, I mean from about 2006-2014.

Before Donald Trump even announced he was running for President, Kim Clement prophesied nearly a perfect timeline of everything we have lived through.

He described the two impeachments (and even the two counts of the one impeachment), he told of Donald Trump before he even announced he was running, he told of Joe Biden stealing an election, and so much more.

And for some reason today, I felt compelled to re-watch Trey Smith’s video on one of Kim’s prophecies which has come to be known as the “Two Presidents” prophecy.

Kim prophesied that there would be a time in the future where it would feel like we’d have two Presidents: one “official” President who would be double-minded and a fraud, and then the real President hiding in the wings.

In fact, at many times in the prophecy, Kim speaks of how Trump would be “hidden by God for a time”.

And during that time, it would feel like Trump was not “speaking enough”.

Sound familiar?

I had heard all of this before, but I felt compelled to listen to it again today and I was blown away when I did.

I know you’re going to really enjoy this.

In the prophecy, Kim talks about a time when great exposures would take place and he says it would be in the Spring.

He says “Spring will bring great joy”.

And I can’t help but wonder if the “Spring” he is talking about is 2022….because it feels like it perfectly fits.

There is so much in here that I can’t possibly write about it all, but there are many parts of the prophecy that have not come to pass yet but are likely on the near term horizon.

He says there will be great exposure out of Italy and Rome, about things hidden underground (hello, Vatican?).

Then he says there will be great embarrassments as “another Snowden arises”.

I don’t think we’ve seen either of those events yet, but when you listen to the entire prophecy, they are the next thing to happen in the timeline.

So get ready is all I can say.

Anyway, there is so much in here and you just need to listen to it yourself.

I have the video for you below as well as a Rumble link at the end in case this gets taken off YouTube.

Also….we have not heard from Trey in several months and I can’t wait to see what he’s up to.

It’s about time for a new video and I hope we get one soon!

Trey, we love what you’re doing my friend, keep it up!

And now please watch this entire video and enjoy:

And if you want more, this is basically a “Part 2”.

Watch here, it’s so good:

And a Part 3:

And here are backup links to Rumble if needed:


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