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FIRE: Lara Logan Nails It On Ukraine


Ukraine seems to be dividing people about evenly, 50/50 as far as I can tell.

You have the half of the people who have changed their profiles to Blue/Yellow and have fully bought in to the MSM story that Ukraine must be defended and supported at all costs and “Putin bad”.

Then you have the other half of the people who agree with my take in the article below, which is basically that I do not agree with any of the people in this photo about anything else in life, so why would I trust them when they are all suddenly unified and telling me I have to support Ukraine?

The Truth About What Is REALLY Happening In Russia/UKRAINE [MSM Lying To You!]

Lara Logan appears to fall into the second category and she gave a killer interview when she recently appeared on Cowboy Logic.

I have a short clip for you below.

From the Conservative Treehouse:

Lara Logan is not the type of journalist who will pull punches when she shares insight and information.  Logan cuts to the chase and avoids pretending the issues are something other than what reality exists.

In this short interview segment, Lara Logan outlines her brutally honest perspective on why Ukraine is ultimately so important to people in power within the DC system.

Logan shares on Cowboy Logic the following:

I encourage everybody to look at the work of a journalist, an American journalist in Ukraine who has been there for years and years and years and has done extraordinary work trying to uncover how Ukraine is at the center of  this cult of globalists.  How it is a center of money laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States.  How it is at the center of Russia collusion and the whole false narrative.  How it was amazingly a Ukrainian dossier, right, that put Paul Manafort behind bars…


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