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COMING SOON: Here’s The Path To “International” Military Tribunals…


We’ve been hearing a lot about Military Tribunals for the last couple of years…

Heck, even over the last six years.

I know some people out there think certain people have already been tried by tribunal at GITMO and executed.

That’s not my take.

That’s not what we report here at WeLoveTrump.

I have no doubt Hillary Clinton has several body doubles, but no, I don’t believe she’s been tried and executed already in GITMO.

That’s not what this article is about.

This article whether Military Tribunals may still be coming.

Because I do believe they are on the horizon and I do believe they may be the only way.

They just can’t be in secret.

No, they need to be public and out in the open.

They need to be the most widely viewed thing for all to see.

In fact, perhaps they need to be done by cooperation of militaries among many different countries just as they were done in the Nuremberg Trials.

Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

Remember when Q said “the military is the only way”?

Perhaps it means militaries of multiple countries all banding together after horrific deeds are made public and exposed.

Can you see the puzzle pieces all starting to fit together?

I can.

And so can a guy who goes by BioClandestine.

He typed up a full theory of how this might play out that I thought was so good I had to share it with you.

Please take a look here:

And if you have trouble reading that or if it doesn’t display for you, I have the full thing copied below.

Here you go:

Hey, where is the US military in all this?

Trust me, they know exactly what’s going on. We have the best Intelligence on the planet. But given their overall neutrality in this matter, I am led to believe the deep state doesn’t control the US military. Therefore Biden doesn’t control the military.

I don’t think Biden ever held the keys. AKA “devolution”. (Shout out x22) Because if he did, and Russia was about to move in and find all the biological weapons he and his deep state buddies are making at these black site laboratories, you better believe Biden would be sending the military in to protect his assets. But instead, Biden told Ukraine they were on their own, against RUSSIA 😂 and offered to send jets to Poland for them to use, but wouldn’t fly our own jets over there.

Does Biden have any military control whatsoever? Or is Biden under military control? Because you KNOW the US MIL are absolutely livid. Outsourced labs using DoD funding, given by corrupt politicians, paid contractors to create bioweapons. CONTRACTORS. Not the US Military.

You know who’s the most pissed? The US MIL. Because these nefarious deep state activities not only killed countless civilians worldwide, but now both CHINA AND RUSSIA, the 2 next most powerful nuclear and military capabilities ON THE PLANET, are accusing us of creating bioweapons, pushed us to WW3 via C19, and potential nuclear fallout…

I bet the US MIL are staying neutral, because they want Russia to find and expose the truth. If we did it ourselves, it would be considered a “military coup”, the media would spin us into a civil war and mass uprising. But with Russia conducting the operation and presenting the information to the UN, US MIL can step in, say they had no idea this was going on with their funding, and agree to hold everyone accountable who is responsible. A la, INTERNATIONAL MILITARY TRIBUNALS.

For breaching the International Biological Weapons Treaty of 1975. They will also discover that C19 was created by US NIH funding and the establishment are responsible for releasing it, as well as breaching the Nuremberg Code for their human experimentation with the vaccines.

The consequences of these crimes are INTERNATIONAL military tribunals! After Nuremberg, the tribunals were held by the 4 allied nations, USA, UK, Soviet Union, and France; each of which supplied a military judge and a prosecution team to prosecute 24 nazis post WW2.


“Military is the only way”. Didn’t specify WHICH military… what if its many nation’s militaries? And the tribunals could very well NOT include our military, since factions within our country are responsible for the crimes.

It seems to me, this is the only way for mass acceptance. A united council, of militaries around the world, prosecuting the deep state actors TOGETHER, in solidarity. Just like we did in the old days.

The media and the sheep couldn’t deny or spin that. Mass acceptance.


Makes a LOT of sense, doesn’t it?

Coming soon folks!

We’re already starting to see the beginning moves take place.

Like this massive story that just dropped:

UPDATE: Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents of U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Before UN Security Council Meeting

Even Tucker and FoxNews are on it:

Tucker Confirms LIVE On FoxNews: U.S. Biolabs In Ukraine Are REAL!

Kyle Becker over at BeckerNews reports it’s already begun, with Russia requesting a meeting with the UN Security Council:

Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council over purported U.S. military-biological activities in Ukraine.

Igor Kirillov of the Russian Defense Ministry, and head of the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection of Troops, presented alleged evidence regarding the Pentagon-funded “Biological Threat Reduction” program in Ukraine. Watch:

“We’ve discovered details about Project UP-4, implemented with involvement of laboratories in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, and planned for period until 2020. The project’s goal was to research a potential of spread of particularly dangerous infections via migrating birds, including the highly pathogenic H5N1 flu, whose lethality for humans can reach 50%, as well as Newcastle disease,” Kirillov said.

Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, reported on the Russians’ request.

“Russian Mission asked for a meeting of Security Council for 11 March to discuss the military biological activities of the US on the territory of Ukraine,” Polyansky tweeted.

Polyansky cited Ministry of Defense documents that allegedly show the operation of a biowarfare research program in Ukraine. Those documents have been obtained by Becker News and translated excerpts from the original Ukrainian and Russian are provided below.

One letter provided by the Russians purported to show “the risk of new infections from insectivorous bats in Ukraine and Georgia.”

“Identification of new viral (coronavirus, filovirus, paramyxovirus, orthomyxovirus, lysavirus) bacterial (Brucella, Leptospira, Yersinia) pathogens significant for human and animal health from bats in Ukraine and Georgia; Investigation of how landscape biodiversity change affects the composition of endemic viral and bacterial agents in bat populations, as well as an assessment of their eco-evolutionary relationship with the occurrence of diseases in humans and domestic animals; Building a sustainable and harmonious system for the early detection of dangerous agents from bat populations in Ukraine and Georgia and their further genomic description.”

“Method: Integration of a multidisciplinary interdepartmental coalition from institutes and universities of health and veterinary medicine, which will contribute to the creation of a regional self-sufficient multinational group for the early detection and typing of agents, while creating a sophisticated analytical base for their adequate assessment,” the document continued.

“Application: This project will be implemented and integrated through the coordinated work of the National Research Center Institute for Experimental and Clinical Veterinary Medicine, the National Center for Public Health and Disease Control, the Centers for Disease Control in cooperation with the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, and the US Geological Survey,” the document added.

“The results of scientific work will be useful for the evolution of bacterial and viral infectious diseases, early warning systems and health of people and animals around the world, as well as for the environment,” it noted.

“Engaged Personnel: More than 60 scientists from the USA, Ukraine and Georgia with various degrees and experience will participate in field research, diagnostics, molecular typing, Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, ecological niche modeling and data visualization,” the document went on.

“Financing: Total for Ukraine and Georgia for the period 2020-2023 – 1.6 million US dollars, of which 207-398 thousand dollars per year for the IEKVM, 178-257 thousand dollars per year for the NCHCHD, 53 thousand dollars per year for the STCU, a total of $1,554,519 for the CDC ($512,000-527,000 per year),” the document stated.

Don’t underestimate how big this is folks…

This is massive, and OutlawJW is 100% right here:

Here is the live UN Security Council Meeting that just happened today:

Did Putin and Trump just lay the perfect trap?

Did the UN just walk right into it?

It’s beginning to look like the ultimate sting operation:

If you want even more on this, watch this video from my friend Daniel.

He does an excellent job pulling it all together:

So…what do you think?

Is Putin about to expose massive fraud and biological warfare?


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