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‘That’s a Lie’: Rep. Scalise DISMANTLES Biden’s Claim That Putin Caused Gas Price Surge


Americans continue to pay exorbitant prices at the gas pump.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, he recently shrugged off the rapidly rising cost of fuel.

Not only did he tell reporters that the prices are set to go even higher, he had the audacity to deny any responsibility for the troubling trend.

As Reuters recently reported:

The White House is counting on Americans, appalled by images of Ukrainian civilians being attacked by Russian forces, seeing the real culprit as Putin. Biden offered a blunt message to reporters on Tuesday as he traveled to Fort Worth, Texas.

“They’re going to go up,” Biden said of gasoline prices. “Russia is responsible.”

Oil prices have surged more than 30% since Russia invaded Ukraine and the United States and other countries imposed a raft of sanctions.

For his part, Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) made it clear that he’s not buying Biden’s spin.

In fact, he pointed to a campaign pledge Biden made ahead of the 2020 election to back up his stance on the matter.

Scalise is not alone in blaming Biden for the rising gas prices, among other problems plaguing the United States.


Scalise has also called on the Biden administration to abandon plans that could include importing oil from nations led by dangerous dictators.

The Highland County Press quoted his recent remarks:

And first [of] all, President Biden [needs to] stop begging dictators to produce the energy that we need here in America. Don’t go to Russia. Don’t go to Iran. Don’t go to Venezuela when the answer is right beneath our feet. It’s time for President Biden to say yes to American energy. And too often, he’s turned his back on the energy that we make cleaner, as my colleagues pointed out, than anyone else in the world. Oil is still going to be needed to run not only our economy but the economies all around the world. And so, the question is, where do we get it? And if they’re worried about carbon emissions, we emit a whole lot less carbon to make energy-producing oil and natural gas here in America than if it’s made in Russia, or if it’s made in Iran, or if it’s made in Venezuela, or those other countries that President Biden is begging to produce the oil when it should be made here.

Here’s a clip of the Louisiana Republican further denouncing Biden’s policies regarding energy production.

Do you think Scalise’s criticism of the Biden administration is justified?


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