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10,000 Texas Votes Uncovered Uncounted; County Elections Chief Resigns


Nearly 1 week after a primary election in Texas, over 10,000 ballots were discovered uncounted.

That’s right: the election had been called.

The winner was declared.

All of that happened even though 10,000 legitimate, legal votes were not factored into the outcome.

Think about it: that’s 10,000 votes in only ONE county.

This was supposedly a “mistake.”

Well, let me raise this question: if 10,000 votes were left uncounted in a single county as a result of a mistake, how many other “mistakes” do you think could happen nationwide across thousands of counties?

Despite claims that our elections are secure, there’s no room for error, and there’s no such thing as widespread fraud, there continues to be massive evidence against the mainstream narrative.

This Texas case is just the latest example.

And folks, this isn’t rumor or conspiracy.

This is fact.

Take a look at the details below:

Who counted the ballots?


And guess what, they also turned off the security cameras.

Why do they keep taking actions that seem to undermine transparency and integrity?

According to The Hill:

Harris County, Texas, Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria (D) resigned on Tuesday after multiple mishaps marred this month’s primary elections.

“Ultimately, the buck stops with me,” Longoria said, the Houston Chronicle reported. “Now, we have a real opportunity to have a hard but necessary conversation in order to solve the problems for future elections and further bolster elections administration.”

She will officially step down on July 1 after she was asked to resign by Republicans and Democratic County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Issues with the March 1 primary included a lack of support form the elections office, malfunctioning machines and lack of supplies, according to the Chronicle.

The county also found 10,000 uncounted ballots the week after the election was over. Officials said the votes contained around 6,000 Democratic ballots and 4,000 Republican ballots.

Here’s another factor to consider: Texas is less corrupt than other states like Illinois, New York, and California.

If this sort of error can happen in Texas, then what other election issues are happening in larger, bluer states?

This is why forensic audits are important.

Unlike what Democrats claim, it has nothing to do with “overturning” election results or “suppressing” the vote.

Rather, it’s all about ensuring that the results of the election are actually fair and accurate!

The Epoch Times has more details on this case:

Officials in Texas said they discovered about 10,000 uncounted ballots in last week’s primary election, which led to a delay in the results.

The Harris County Elections Office said that some 6,000 Democratic votes and 4,000 Republican votes weren’t counted and will be added to final tallies.

“While the votes were scanned into our tabulation computer, they were not transferred and counted as a part of the unofficial final results as they should have been,” the Harris County Elections Office stated over the past weekend. They blamed an “oversight” for why the votes weren’t counted in the county, which is home to Houston.

The office also told local news outlet KHOU-TV that officials “are focused on ensuring that every ballot cast is accounted for through this canvassing process,” and they “will continue to be transparent in that process through our updates but as you can imagine it is most critical that everyone on our team stay focused and commit all of their time to the task at hand.”

“We will be discussing at commissioners court and that will be an opportunity for broadcast to hear from our office,” the Harris County Elections Office continued.

The March 1 primary was the first Texas election that took place in the state under tighter voting laws that were passed last year. Thousands of mail-in ballots were rejected across the state for not having new information.

Want to know the frustrating part?

Texas officials are saying that they are working now to fix the problem and to prevent it from happening again.

But here’s my question: why are they waiting until after elections to fix our systems?

Why not make sure everything is working properly and that a system is in place before voting day?

That would make the most sense, wouldn’t it?


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