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Florida House Backs Bill LIMITING Schools Teaching Young Children About Sexual Identity


I have a 3 year old Goddaughter, and the other day she asked me if she was Santa Claus…

Why am I sharing this with you? Because it highlights what so many liberals and progressives fail to realize: Children cannot adequately gauge even simple abstractions let alone complex gender identity issues.

The state has absolutely no right, no moral authority, no qualification, and no scientific basis to indoctrinate children with any ideas relating to sex or sexual identity whether those ideas be heterosexual, homosexual, or otherwise.

That’s why the Florida House is backing a bill regulating the teaching of sexual identity propaganda to young children below grade 3, and they are completely right to do so in my opinion.

While we are at it, the state has absolutely no right, moral authority, qualification, or basis to teach children upwards of 90% of what they have traditionally taught them in schools let alone the activist indoctrination widespread today.

I am talking about literature, complex mathematics, and applied sciences here. The truth is that very few people will ever use, benefit from, or enter into those fields of studies as adults.

This is a capitalist country and therefor the main mode of education should be purely financial and investing based education so we can make our children financially free—something not in the interests of the state.

These people waste the minds of our youth on fruitless activities for 12 years, and then have the gaul to tell them that the reason they’ll never make it is because of capitalism.

I have said this before and I will say it again: refusing to teach kids financial education in favor of academic education in a capitalist society is like refusing to teach a child about farming in an agrarian society, and then turning around and telling those same children that farming is evil.

If they cannot, or will not agree to teaching financial education and only financial education then there is no reason to continue funding the public education system in the 21st century and beyond—pure and simple.

They don’t need more money, they don’t need more funding. What they need to do is make their very existence justifiable because at this point fertilizer is worth more than the average teacher—at least we can use that to feed ourselves.

The Florida House recently backed this bill, and progressive activists everywhere are fuming:

WFLA, a local NBC affiliate, reports the pushback from progressive students:

“If you are doing this for families or for parents, they can’t tell. I have met organizers and activists who can feel the bigger picture materializing around us.

We are not just a state, we are part of a nation and as such, the outcome of this bill sets a precedent,” said Pine View student Zander Moricz. “

They fear that if Florida takes the step backwards, other states will join in a march that reverses the progress my community has pleaded and died for,” the teen continued.



The Hill confirms that the bill has passed the final Senate committee check:

Officially known as the Parental Rights in Education bill, the controversial legislation was passed last week by the House in a 69-47 vote.

The state Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday advanced the bill by a vote of 12 to 8.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has signaled support for the bill but has not said whether he would sign it if it reached his desk.


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