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TRUTH LIST: Can We Speak TRUTH For Just a Moment Please?


Noah here and I’ve been meaning to get this off my chest.

Everywhere I look, I see “newspeak” dominating the airwaves.

Democrats redefining the meaning of words….

Lying about the history of things….

For example?

How about the Democrats now laughably saying that they have always been for Voter ID?

Are you kidding me?

Yes, they are really saying this.

Or how about the Democrats claiming they have never wanted to defund the police?

Yes, they are really saying that.

Or…how about saying a boy can be a girl or a girl can be a boy?

More nonsense.

Things are so upside down that the TRUTH is now counted as hate speech.

And I for one have had enough of it.

So I thought it would be a good idea to just SPEAK TRUTH all in one place.

I want to speak loudly and clearly of things that are objectively true.

It’s not hate speech, it’s called the truth!

And here at WeLoveTrump we will never be ashamed of speaking truth.

So I’m going to start a list and then whatever I miss you can add below in the comments.

I’m calling it the TRUTH LIST, and here it is:

  • God made two genders.  Democrats made all the rest.
  • Democrats hate VoterID because they don’t want fair elections.
  • Democrats defunded the police.
  • Democrats hate the police.
  • Democrats hate law and order.
  • Democrats want anarchy.
  • If you’re born with a penis, you are a boy.
  • If you’re born with a ‘gina, you are a girl.
  • Brainwashing kids to change their genders is child abuse.
  • Giving children hormone therapy to change their genders is child abuse.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving your country.
  • AmericaFirst is a good thing!
  • We do NOT need to police the world.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank is not federal, it has no reserves, and it is NOT a bank!
  • Central banks are one of the most toxic forces in the world today.
  • Globalism is evil.
  • Globalism is anti-human.
  • We do NOT need to “reduce the population of the world to 500 million”…that’s called genocide.  See Georgia Guidestones.
  • Chemtrails are real and observable to anyone with an eye to see and common sense.
  • Chemtrails are markedly distinct from contrails.
  • NASA is not to be trusted.
  • Governments are not to be trusted.
  • Christianity is under attack.
  • Being a white male is under attack.
  • Masculinity is not a bad thing.
  • “Toxic masculinity” is the only reason all of Europe isn’t speaking German right now.
  • Men should be men.
  • Women should be women.
  • They are not the same thing.
  • We should celebrate the differences, not try and merge them together.
  • Liberalism is a mental disorder.
  • Affirmative Action is by definition racist
  • Critical Race Theory is horribly racist by design
  • America is NOT a racist nation.
  • America is a GOOD nation.
  • God wins in the end.

Ok, this is just a start.

What did I miss?

Add more in the comments below and let’s keep this going!

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