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12-Year-Old Boy Experiences Severe Reaction to Moderna COVID-19 Jab, Develops Painful Blisters All Over Body. Medical Staff Still “Encourages” 2nd Dose


A 12-year-old boy from Australia experienced a severe reaction to his 1st dose of the Spikevax (Moderna) COVID-19 jab.

After receiving the experimental shot, the boy had painful, weeping blisters all over his body.

Red spots developed on his body, and his blisters began to spread.

He was admitted to Brisbane Children’s Hospital and scheduled an appointment to see an immunologist.

Before his scheduled appointment with dermatology, he could no longer walk due to blisters on his feet.

Thankfully, the boy’s blisters began to heal, and he’s gaining a sense of normality. However, he’s terrified the reaction may happen again with a 2nd dose.

Parents decided to raise awareness for his story since medical professionals are still “encouraging” him to receive a 2nd experimental COVID-19 shot.

Read this Twitter thread to view the boy’s severe reaction to the Moderna injection:

@jab_injuries_australia stated on Instagram:

This is the story of a 12 year old boy told by his mother, please read description before commenting.

Brisbane, QLD

(Batch number coming soon)

This is our youngest story yet so to keep this place safe for further parents to share their stories I ask you to please be respectful. If anyone gives these people a hard time, not only will I ban you immediately but people will be less likely to come forward and share their stories. Emotions are running high so please be aware of that and think before you comment.

This boy and his family have been through a very traumatic experience and even though he is over the worst of it whether or not he will have any long term effects is still unknown. Even still to this day he is experiencing extreme fatigue.

If you would like to reach out to his mum Tania, please do so, I’m sure they would appreciate any help possible.

Please share this story far and wide.

God bless you all.

As stated by the Australian Government Department of Health, the Moderna COVID-19 jab is approved for children 12 years and older:

Spikevax (Moderna) is approved for use in people aged 12 years and over.

The TGA provisionally approved it for use in Australia on 9 August 2021 (for 18 years and over) and 3 September 2021 (for 12 years and over).

In Australia’s vaccine rollout, the Moderna vaccine is now available for people aged 12 years and over.

Dose schedule

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You need 2 doses of the Moderna vaccine, given at least 4 weeks apart. You may not be protected against COVID-19 until 14 days after your second dose.

Find out more about booster doses for people aged 18 years and older and third doses for people with severe immunocompromise.

49) { ?>

Healthy children have a statistically zero risk of experiencing severe COVID-19 complications.

However, the risk-benefit ratio overwhelmingly leans toward risk for children who take these experimental shots.

They have zero business receiving this medical experiment for an illness that causes less harm than seasonal influenza.

Yet, governments continue preying upon innocent children to push this wicked agenda.


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