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FLASHBACK: 2014 Huffington Post Article Warns Canada Would Become a Dictatorship Under Trudeau


Canada is no longer a free country.

It’s a dictatorship under the far-left jackboots of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s WEF-puppet regime.

Sadly, previous signs about Trudeau’s affinity for dictatorships and totalitarian tactics is coming to the surface.

I say sadly since these were all blatantly obvious signals that went ignored for years before Trudeau’s regime morphed Canada into the next CCP.

Who remembers Trudeau professing his admiration for China’s basic dictatorship?

However, there was another warning that Canada would potentially become a dictatorship under Trudeau before the infamous profession of love for China’s dictatorship.

That warning came in a 2014 Huffington Post piece written by Daniel Dickin (originally published in the Prince Author Herald).

Dickin writes:

This is the man who admitted he “admires China’s basic dictatorship.” It wasn’t just a sarcastic comment – he seriously said that he admires the dictatorship because they can get things done quickly.

And it’s becoming clearer that Trudeau not only admires the dictatorship — he runs the Liberal Party like one too.

How else can one explain the police-enforced acclamation of Andrew Leslie as the Liberal candidate for Orleans? Even with hundreds of Liberals attending the meeting to show their support for another candidate (and former Trudeau leadership rival), it was clear from the beginning that Leslie was Trudeau’s hand-picked favourite, and certainly wouldn’t be stopped by pesky processes like “democracy.”

Just the imagery of Trudeau’s chosen candidate being selected with police intervention is scary. It shows that Trudeau doesn’t just admire China’s dictatorship — he would practice one if he had the chance.

The nomination in Orleans is only the latest rigged “open nomination.” Despite Trudeau’s promises to actually, you know, practice democracy, at least a half dozen Liberal nominations have been rigged or tampered with through the direct intervention of Trudeau’s office: mysteriously disqualifying candidates, changing nomination dates, paperwork going “missing,” and using dirty “back-room” politics to ensure the leader’s candidate is chosen at any cost.

But those are only Liberal candidates; surely Trudeau would loosen his grip on his caucus colleagues once they’ve been elected, wouldn’t he? Unfortunately, no. The Liberal caucus randomly learned one morning early last year that their leader had come up with a new diktat: that all Liberals would be expected, no, required, to vote pro-choice. When Trudeau’s pathetic attempted defence (that they were “the party of the Charter,” obviously missing those small sections about freedom of conscience and religion) agitated more than a few Liberal MPs, he attempted to invent some weird “grandfathering” rule. But then he went back on that too.

The result is that Liberal MPs who dare question the diktat of Trudeau are being punished. Those who dare disagree have already been punished, resigned, or indicated that they won’t seek another term in office — at least not under the iron fist of Trudeau.

Today, the iron fist of Trudeau has fallen upon those peacefully protesting against immoral medical mandates in Ottawa.

Ottawa Becoming Too Unsafe For Canadian Freedom Protestors?

Trudeau enacted the never-used Emergencies Act to give himself dictatorial powers to impose his will against Canadian citizens opposed to him.

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CANADA HAS FALLEN? Justin Trudeau Invokes Never-Used Emergencies Act in Desperate Attempt to End Anti-Mandate Demonstrations

Powers that include freezing the bank accounts of citizens who support the protestors:

Canada’s Major Banks Reportedly OFFLINE As Trudeau’s Dictatorial Powers Take Effect

Justin Trudeau has turned Canada into a dictatorship!


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