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Brooklyn Brewery CEO Calls Vaccine Mandates For What They Are: “Crime Against Humanity.” Faces Backlash From Pro-Mandate Authoritarians


Threes Brewing CEO Josh Stylman tweeted on Monday that “vaccine mandates are a crime against humanity. If you are not speaking out against them, you are a conspirator.”

He’s 100% correct.

Vaccine mandates are coercive measures that discriminate individuals for their personal medical choices and segregate the population.

Instead of dividing society by race or religion like years past, many places in today’s world have segregated society by vaccination status.

Although Stylman is vaccinated against COVID-19 himself, he recognizes vaccine mandates have no business in a free society.

Located on the edge of Park Slope, Stylman’s business sits in a viciously pro-mandate section of Brooklyn, New York.

After taking his courageous stand against NYC’s immoral COVID-19 jab mandate, medical tyrants swarmed Stylman like a pack of rabid hyenas.

Several mandate pushers stated they would stop purchasing craft beer from his decorated brewery and would stop selling it in their establishments.

Even his own company has taken the side of medical discrimination and segregation by denouncing his brave stand against vaccine mandates.

Threes Brewery issued this statement in support of immoral medical mandates:

We then refused to re-open until every member of our staff had the opportunity to get vaccinated.

In other words, we will steal your livelihood until you submit to having an experimental shot injected into your body.

What if an employee who didn’t want the shot developed life-threatening, permanent side effects from the injection and has to pay thousands in medical bills?

Will the company pay for that?

Clearly, the mandate pushers opposed to CEO Stylman’s courageous stance haven’t thought about that perspective.

Stylman’s supporters noted the lunacy and hypocrisy of the local businesses who voiced support for the immoral mandate.

Let’s hear from a couple of other individuals who speak the truth about vaccine mandates and how they’re a crime against humanity.

First, a warning from a Holocaust survivor:

Next, an anti-mandate activist exposes the racist nature of vaccine mandates:

The mandate-pushing media has unleashed a firestorm of hit pieces attempting to paint Stylman as a villain for standing up for equal rights.

Patch wrote:

The Twitter user added that Stylman’s disdain for the vaccine mandate made him wary of trusting the owner’s compliance with other “public safety regulations.”

Stylman called this point “preposterous,” countering that vaccine mandates don’t serve any public good since vaccinated people can still spread the coronavirus.

While public health officials agree that vaccinated people can contract and spread COVID-19, especially the highly contagious omicron variant, they say that vaccine mandates incentivize vaccination, which is the most reliable way to reduce severe illness, hospitalization and death.

The writer identifies “incentivization” to participate in society by taking what the FDA classifies as “Emergency Use Authorized” (experiment).

That sounds like a coercive tactic to me.

New York City is also responsible for the coercive measure of stealing the livelihoods of working-class citizens for saying no to a medical experiment.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Fires Over 1,400 City Employees for Refusing the COVID-19 Jabs

Fired if you don't participate in a medical experiment?

Sounds like more coercion.

The New York Post noted that Stylman's grandparents were concentration camp survivors, which gives him more perspective to call out discriminatory mandates for what they are:

“I’m not deluded enough to think it [the vaccine mandate] is like 1943 Germany,” Stylman, who said his grandparents were concentration camp survivors, told The Post. However, the brewer says he does see the parallels with regard “to banishment from public life,” adding, “I’ve heard this from my family.”

Stylman explained, “The press went along with it and doctors went along with it. Right now, we’re seeing some of this similar otherism without an honest conversation about the vaccine.”

“I have not heard a coherent argument on why this is not discriminatory,” he added.

The hops honcho claimed the vax mandate is especially problematic as the vaccines do not “prevent transmission.”

Anyone who can't see the parallels of vaccine mandates to past historical atrocities hasn't studied their history.

We're on a dangerous path and some individuals, such as Stylman, recognize that.

If you'd like to show your support for Threes Brewery CEO Josh Stylman, contribute to the hashtag #WeSupportJosh on Twitter and Instagram.

You can also call Threes Brewing and tell the staff you support Josh for his stand against medical discrimination and segregation.

Threes Brewing:   (718) 568-9673


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