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Samsung’s New Phone Supports Crypto Storage; Includes Digital ID for User ‘Convenience’


As the digital age moves full steam ahead, our smartphones will lead us down a path of slavery to the global elites.

Individuals who enjoy the convenience of their latest gadgets won’t like hearing that, but it’s the reality of the agenda pushed by technofascists like the World Economic Forum.

Digital identity is a central component of the ‘Great Reset’ global takeover scheme:

Our cell phones provide the easiest way to accomplish this agenda. While the devices certainly make some aspects of our lives easier, humanity cannot get too comfortable with ‘convenience.’

It’s the road paved to hell with good intentions (although we should replace good with devious).

Samsung, the largest smartphone company according to Manufacturing, announced the latest digital components of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

FX Empire explains:

The electronics giant has announced that its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra, would be able to store ID documentation and keys in digital format. The company stated that the feature would be released later in the year.

With the new digital ID feature, users of the phone will store documentation such as national IDs, driver’s licenses, digital debits and credit cards, digital keys for houses and cars, etc.

Sources have also claimed that it’ll be possible to store boarding passes, coronavirus vaccination cards, and crypto in the wallet too.

According to Samsung, the wallet would be “a seamless, convenient and secure experience to make everyday life easier.”

It claims that the wallet combines digital payments, asset management, keys, and ID into one tool that’ll simplify users’ routines. The electronics giant plans to first roll out the feature in South Korea before expanding to other countries.

Marketed as a device to “make everyday life easier,” Samsung’s nifty phone has all the features to drag humanity into digital slavery.

In addition to vaccine passports, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can store digital driver’s licenses. I’ve repeatedly warned digital driver’s licenses are a backdoor entry to digital ID, while the battle against vaccine passports stole the spotlight during COVID hysteria.

30 States Reportedly Working on Digital Driver’s Licenses

BGR discusses the digital wallet feature of the latest Samsung device:

But Samsung did deliver one surprise that will cater to a particular type of Galaxy S22 buyer: Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Galaxy S22 phones come with a brand new Samsung Wallet preinstalled that does everything you’d expect from a digital wallet on a smartphone. But, unlike the iPhone’s Wallet app, Samsung Wallet will support crypto transactions involving bitcoin and other digital tokens.

Samsung’s interest in bringing cryptocurrency support to its smartphones did not start with the Galaxy S22. It’s a feature that’s already available on Galaxy devices. It began a few years ago with the Galaxy S10’s Samsung Blockchain Wallet. Last May, Samsung added support for hardware wallets to its Blockchain Wallet.

That was right around the time bitcoin reached a new all-time high in the crypto frenzy of spring 2021.

Separately, Apple confirmed it has been paying attention to the cryptocurrency landscape. But the iPhone maker has yet to commit to bringing bitcoin support to its Wallet app on iOS.

On the same note, we have Google expanding the Google Pay ecosystem to support cryptocurrencies. But Google hasn’t delivered the kind of support that Samsung Wallet will have on the Galaxy S22 handsets.

While I'm certainly not a cryptocurrency expert, a gigantic red flag is a central bank digital currency (CBDC). With the installation of CBDCs, we can kiss financial freedom goodbye forever.

The government will have greater control over the country's monetary supply than the current system powered by fiat money.

Obviously, the central banking system operated by the Federal Reserve doesn't serve the working class with fiat money either.

However, imagine a government and/or central bank having the capability to snatch your digital assets on a whim if you haven't been a 'good citizen.'

That's the World Economic Forum dream.

Again, I'll refer to this digital ID chart:

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Note E-commerce at the bottom: "To shop; to conduct business transactions and secure payments."

The WEF wants all commerce conducted with electronic/digital payments and Samsung's latest device provides the technology.

As Truth Lion noted, major economic players are working on CBDCs:

India to Launch Central Bank Digital Currency in 2022-2023, Proposes 30% Tax

How far is society willing to go for 'convenience' before waking up to this nefarious agenda of control and digital enslavement?


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