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Veteran Denied Kidney Transplant for Refusing COVID-19 Jab: Has Natural Immunity and Given Remdesivir


“I was born free. I will die free. I’m not changing my mind.”

Those were the words spoken by Air Force veteran and motivational speaker Chad Carswell after Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hospital refused him a kidney transplant.

Why did the hospital refuse to perform the surgery for the double amputee with kidney failure?

Because he refused to take the experimental COVID-19 injection.

And to make the situation more infuriating and nonsensical, Carswell has natural immunity from the flu-like virus.

“They said the last thing we need talk about is your vaccination status,” Carswell said. “And that’s when I politely told him there was nothing really to talk about. It wasn’t up for debate that I wasn’t getting it. And then he told me, you know you’ll die if you don’t get it. And I said I’m willing to die.”

AFLDS Frontline News reported:

Carswell, an Air Force veteran and motivational speaker, has survived six heart attacks, over 50 surgeries, and sepsis from a diabetic foot ulcer. By September 2021, his kidneys were operating at only 23%. He contracted the Delta variant and was hospitalized.

“I should have been dead a long time ago, but G-d’s blessed me,” Carswell told AFLDS Frontline News.

But after Carswell was administered Remdesivir, his kidney function plummeted to 4% capacity.

Remdesivir is a COVID-19 drug recommended by the FDA and the CDC despite warnings by many doctors. While other drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been verified to cure early COVID-19, they have been largely shunned by the medical establishment and mainstream media, who continue to favor Remdesivir.

As Dr. Bryan Ardis describes here, remdesivir is a toxic antiviral drug that can cause kidney failure:

WATCH: Dr. Bryan Ardis – Hospital Protocols Are Killing COVID-19 Patients By Prescribing Remdesivir

After checking himself out of the hospital, Carswell self-medicated with ivermectin, HCQ, and zinc.

He made a quick recovery with the effective, affordable treatment.

“In three days I was a brand new human,” Carswell said.

Despite having naturally-acquired antibodies against COVID-19, Atrium Health would rather let Carswell die for refusing the experimental shot.

Spectrum News 1 added:

All his immunizations are up to date, except for the COVID-19 vaccine. Carswell refuses to get it.

Because of his decision, the hospital has refused to perform the surgery.

“It's pretty simple. I’m not anti-vax, anybody that chooses to do it, as long as you choose to do it, because you think it's the best benefit for you. Then by all means do it. I’m pro-choice," he said. "That's where my problem lies, taking my freedoms away. Today it's a vaccine and three boosters. What is it tomorrow?”

The hospital responded to our questions about Carswell case saying:

"Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s policy follows the current standard of care in the United States, which is to vaccinate all patients on waiting lists or being evaluated for transplant. The reason it is recommended is to provide protection for the patient. Transplant patients are at high risk for severe illness if they don’t have pre-existing immunity prior to being transplanted. We understand that some patients may not wish to be vaccinated. In this case patients can opt to be evaluated at another transplant center."​

Carswell says he is not backing down from his decision to not get the vaccine. He has already battled coronavirus twice, and he says he will continue to look for a hospital that will perform his kidney transplant.

Atrium Health's policy states COVID-19 inoculation is recommended for the patient to provide them pre-existing immunity.

In reality, the policy is an authoritarian, anti-science demand to submit to the will of hospital administrators and pharmaceutical companies.

Carswell has natural immunity, which has proved through countless studies to be superior to the experimental shots.

WATCH: New Study Finds Natural Immunity Blows Vaccines Out Of The Water

AFLDS Frontline News noted:

Carswell says that Dr. Bob Stratta, who is the clinical coordinator of the transplant division, agreed with him.

“[Stratta] called me and said that I was a very intelligent man and that the reasonings that I had for not agreeing with everything, he agreed with 100 percent, and that if it were up to him, he would allow me to get it," said Carswell.

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Carswell is still looking for a hospital that will perform the transplant surgery. Please contact ASAP with any leads.

Unfortunately, Atrium Health is not the only hospital making life-saving treatment a quid-pro-quo. That’s why a bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives to stop hospitals from demanding vaccination in exchange for a transplant. H.R. 6534, otherwise known as the SAVE Act, was introduced by Rep. Ben Cline (VA-06) along with six other representatives.

As explained on Cline’s website:

“Congressman Ben Cline (VA-06) was joined by Representatives Morgan Griffith (VA-09), Bob Good (VA-05), Rob Wittman (VA-01), Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Rodney Davis (IL-13), and Chip Roy (TX-21) in introducing H.R. 6534, the Stop Arduous Vaccine Enforcement (SAVE) Act, which would prohibit organ transplant centers from denying an individual from receiving or donating an organ solely based on whether he or she is vaccinated against COVID-19.”

Chad Carswell spoke to America's Frontline Doctors Frontline News in this Rumble clip:


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