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Kellogg Foundation Funding Pilot Program That Pays Illegal Aliens $500 Monthly Payments


The W. K. Kellogg Foundation, which controls the Kellogg Company, is funding a pilot program that will provide hundreds of illegal aliens living in the United States with universal basic income.

A coalition of activist organizations co-sponsored the pilot program in 13 New Mexico counties to provide 330 illegal alien households with $500 monthly payments for the next year.

Nothing for veterans who sacrificed their lives to defend their country.

Nothing for homeless American citizens who need help getting back on their feet.

Nothing for immigrants who legally entered the country.

Instead, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation wants to assist illegal aliens and aid the Biden administration’s open border efforts.

Las Cruces Sun News reported:

The New Mexico Economic Relief Working Group has partnered with UpTogether, a national nonprofit, to provide the monthly payments to qualifying families beginning in March. The coalition says the NM Immigrant GBI Project will be the first statewide GBI effort.

ERWG said 330 families from 13 New Mexico counties, including Doña Ana County, will receive monthly payments of $500 for 12 months beginning in March. The payments will be delivered through direct deposit or prepaid cards, and there are no conditions on what the money can be used for. Funding is coming from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and UpTogether, a news release states.

As Natural News explains, the Kellogg Foundation has supported previous controversial, far-left advocacy efforts:

John Podesta’s Center for American Progress is on the dole of Kellogg’s, as is Black Lives Matter (BLM), a strong proponent of open borders.

Kellogg’s is also tied to billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, as well as the far-left Tides Foundation, the pro-LGBTQ group GLAAD, and many, many others. (Related: Part of fake “president” Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” [6uild 6ack 6etter] plan involves flooding America with illegal aliens.)

Breitbart added:

In 2016, Kellogg’s blacklisted Breitbart News, stating that its new coverage and millions-strong readership are not “aligned with our values as a company.”

In response, Breitbart News launched a nationwide #DumpKelloggs petition — urging readers to boycott Kellogg’s. Within two days, the #DumpKelloggs petition garnered a quarter of a million signatures from Americans vowing not to buy Kellogg’s products.

According to the Kellogg’s website, the following brands are included under the Kellogg’s umbrella:

Apple Jacks
Bear Naked
Corn Pops
Cracklin’ Oat Bran
Froot Loops
Frosted Mini-Wheats
Honey Smacks
Jumbo Snax
Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes
Kellogg’s Limited Edition
Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
Kellogg’s Frozen Breakfast
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
MorningStar Farms
Pure Organic
Rice Krispies
Smart Start
Special K
Town House

Natural News highlighted comments from Breitbart readers:

Many readers at Breitbart expressed outrage over this latest revelation about Kellogg’s. One of them wrote that all of these Kellogg’s products are no longer on the shopping list ever again.

“$500 per alien but no such subsidy for its own employees,” another wrote about Kellogg’s. “Gotta hurt to work there.”

49) { ?>

Someone else said that she has not purchased a single Kellogg’s product in years after the earlier revelations about the company’s “woke” behavior.

“Get woke, go broke,” she wrote. “I won’t support them.”

“There are thousands of Native American families living in poverty in New Mexico that could use that money and are far more deserving,” pointed out another person about the anti-Indigenous policies of Kellogg’s.

“Good point,” responded someone else. “There are lots of disabled veterans living in New Mexico who gave it all. Lots of good elder Americans who could use the help. America and America first always no matter what. I know I am spreading the word about what they are doing and will hurt them with money losses. That will get their attention.”


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