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WeLoveTrump Right Again? New Details Emerge About Bob Saget’s Death…


This is really shaping up to be quite the week.

Last night we reported on a story we’ve been covering for over a year.

To the best of my knowledge, we broke the story here at WeLoveTrump over a year ago and we’ve been one of few news outlets to even ask the question: Does John Durham exist?

We haven’t drawn any conclusions, but we have raised the question, because isn’t that was journalism is supposed to do?


Ask questions?

Speak up when things don’t make sense?

Well, last night President Trump posted a message that appears to confirm our story all along.

Details here:

Was WeLoveTrump Right All Along? John Durham Doesn’t Exist? [TRUMP STATEMENT]

And now this morning we move to a different story where we might have a similar set of facts playing out.

When the Bob Saget cause of death was revealed, we published that several things did not look or feel right with the official report.

In other words, it “didn’t pass the smell test”.

You can read our entire report in the link below, but here’s the quick summary.

The family released a statement saying the cause of death was Bob accidentally hit his head, thought nothing of it, and then went to bed.

Story here:

Bob Saget’s Cause of Death Revealed: Something More At Play Here?

While we respect the family and mourn their loss, we immediately spoke up to say that didn’t pass the proverbial smell test.

How did they know all of those things if no one else was in the room?

They know he hit his head “accidentally”?  Really, how would you know that?

They know what he thought about it afterwards?  That’s very odd.

It didn’t make any logical sense, and once again we were one of the only news outlets to raise these questions.

It’s almost like the rest of the MSM truly has forgotten how to do journalism.

In any event, now let’s advance the story.

News is breaking today that in fact there may be MUCH more to the story, just as we suspected.

Reports are now being released that he died from “blunt force trauma” to the head, in line with what doctors typically see from a fall from 20-30 feet or being hit in the head with an object (like a baseball bat or lead pipe?).

Even the New York times is reporting that the blow to the head “fractured his skull in several places”:

Does that sound like an accidental fall and then he thought nothing of it and went to bed?

Not to me.

I’m beginning to question whether there was foul play.


Another report says injuries consistent with getting hit in the head with a baseball bat:

Quote: “skull crushed”:

Meghan Maureen is asking the same questions I am:

Others are asking where is the police investigation?

Read this from the NY Times report:

There’s another part of the story also emerging.

Honestly, to me this is the less interesting part but it’s still causing a lot of debate.

It turns out the triple vaxxed and recently boosted Saget was also COVID positive:

Yeah, I guess that doesn’t really fit the vaxx narrative too well, does it?

Ok folks, what do you make of all of this?

Should we stop asking questions and just let it be or is there possibly foul play at work here?

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