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Bo Polny: It’s Not The End, It’s THEIR End! (2/20/22 & 3/22/22)


Bo Polny was back on my show this week and I think we’ve already set records for how many people have downloaded that interview.

And for good reason!

Bo is always a fascinating guest…

He brings an analysis different from what anyone else is doing, and he does it with Biblical principles and he always has a message of hope!

So if you need a message of hope right now, this is 100% for you.

I am fond of saying Bo is one of our most popular and most requested guests, but I thought I would show you some of the comments from this recent interview and how much people love Bo:

And those are just a few!

Ok, now let’s really dig in, shall we?

This was 45 minutes of rapid fire content from Bo and you are going to love it.

He reminded me that not only are we in a “suddenly moment” of time, where things WILL suddenly shift in one day and people will be absolutely shocked about how it’s even possible, he reminded me that day will be the Red Sea Moment!

Does it feel like we’ve been waiting long?  Too long even?

I bet that’s exactly how the Israelites felt after each plague on Egypt.

You remember that story, don’t you?

Ten plagues brought by God upon Pharaoh because he hardened his hard and set himself against God.

Remind you of anyone?

THEN…when they think they’ve been set free, what happens?

Pharaoh starts to chase them in his royal chariots while the Israelites are on foot.

THEN…they get backed into a corner with no escape (the Red Sea blocking them).

Feel familiar?

Folks, do not forget the Red Sea Moment IS coming.

Don’t be one of those people who gives up right at the very end.

We are going out of this thing as victorious conquerers, not defeated people!

We win, and the victory comes soon!

But that was only about the first 5 minutes of the interview.

Then we talked about what comes next and all I can tell you is watch February 20, March 22, April 24 and May 14.

You heard it here first folks!

Then we talked a LOT about cryptocurrencies and we show an actual screenshot of Bo’s Newsletter from January 24 where he told you exactly when Bitcoin would start going up again (spoiler alert: February 4) and he nailed it to perfection!

We then talked about the next even bigger move that Bo calls “violent moves up” but then the massive crash to follow.

Oh and how about a crypto that Bo thinks could (not will, but COULD) go 100x in the next few months?

Yeah, it’s all in there.

I’m going to post the YouTube link first but then scroll down for the Rumble link if this gets banned:

Here are all the links referenced in the video:

Last interview (1/18/22) 👉–bo-polny-it-all-happens-in-a-moment…the-fuse-is-lit-trump-returns.html

👉 Download Bo’s slides for free:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to ➡️ use code WLT49.

👉 Easy Crypto School, go to ➡️ use code WLT39.

And here is the backup Rumble link:

Oh, and one more thing…

Bo has a message for the XRP Army if that’s you.

XRP “absolutely” sets a new all-time high above $3.84 soon, according to Bo.

But it doesn’t stop there.

If you’re an XRP holder, you are going to LOVE Bo’s price targets on that one.

SEC settlement trigger event?

Interesting stuff!

If you feel like you missed the boat on crypto, according to Bo you haven’t missed anything and you can still get in.

But I would not wait much longer (hint, hint).

Get started here:

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to ➡️ use code WLT49.

👉 Easy Crypto School, go to ➡️ use code WLT39.


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