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“This Is Dementia”: Candace Owens SHREDS Biden Over Bizarre Behavior


It is hardly surprising that Joe Biden continues to face accusations that he suffers from age-related cognitive decline.

After all, he frequently flubs public remarks and seems confused in a variety of situations.

Of course, even as a younger man, he was widely known for gaffes and embarrassing misstatements.

In recent years, however, things have only gotten progressively worse.

After a recent speech in Pennsylvania, conservative pundit Candace Owens weighed in with her diagnosis.

Biden’s remarks during the speech primarily hinged on his effort to continue pushing his administration’s far-left agenda.

While some of his ideas might have bipartisan support, the manner in which he expressed them were clearly tinted with his progressive bias.

As Courthouse News Service explained:

While taking care not to directly address the recent goings-on in D.C., making no mention of the filibuster or voting rights, the president continued to reference the Build Back Better Act, legislation that, among other things, aimed to reduce the cost of child care and place limits on insulin and prescription drug prices. The bill is stalled in the Senate and unlikely to pass in its entirety.

“Imagine being a parent making the minimum wage or twice the minimum wage, having a child with Type 1 diabetes, knowing that, if you have no insurance, knowing that if you cannot get that money for this, that child might die,” Biden said.

The president became increasingly passionate as he described the stakes of the policy battle.

“In addition to your child, it strips you of your dignity, dammit. Can you imagine looking at your child, knowing what they need and not be able to do it?” the president asked, looking up as though clearly focused on the image he conjured up in this hypothetical.

He also grew increasingly irate during the statement, at one point yelling into the microphone.

It was this outburst that seems to have convinced Owens that he is living with dementia.

This was just the latest evidence cited by Biden’s critics, many of whom insist that he is mentally unfit for the job.

Right-wing radio host Mark Levin recently declared that Democrats knew Biden was not up to the task before making him the 2020 nominee.

PJ Media provided the details:

“You are responsible for the man who sits in the Oval Office today,” he continued, “you never-Trumpers, who have a hate on him, an obsession that requires deep psychological treatments. You are responsible for the man who is in Oval Office today.”

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who previously served as the White House physician, has repeatedly insisted that Biden needs to undergo a cognitive test.

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In this clip, Jackson makes his case during an appearance on Fox News.

Do you believe Biden is suffering from dementia?


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