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Pete Buttigieg Proposes Nation-Wide Speeding Cameras to Fine Speeders and Help “Prevent Potholes”


Pothole Pete?

That has a bit of a ring to it, doesn’t it?

Pete Buttigieg has reportedly proposed a nationwide speeding camera system.

This money would come from the infrastructure bill that has already passed.

Pete’s goal is apparently to ticket all speedsters AND to help “prevent potholes.”

So rather than, you know, actually improving infrastructure with the infrastructure bill, they want to use it to fine (“tax”) us even more!

They’re craziness knows no bounds.

More details below:

So far, the mainstream media doesn’t appear to be picking up on this story.

We shouldn’t be surprised.

They want to protect Joe’s feeble administration at all costs.

Thankfully, the Daily Mail has a few details for what’s in store:

Pete Buttigieg’s plan to add more speed cameras to America’s roads as a way patrolling them more ‘fairly’ has been panned by critics who say it will only lead to more speeding fines under the guise of equity and road safety.

Buttigieg announced the plan yesterday and claims it will reduce the number of deadly road collisions.

The highway plan is receiving some $17billion from Biden’s $1.2trillion infrastructure bill, which will be used in part to pay for the cameras.

Buttigieg’s 42-page plan includes a caveat to ‘promote’ speed camera use, which he says will be a more ‘equitable’ way of patrolling the roads than if cops were tasked with it.

He wants to create roads that will ‘self-enforce’ through speed limits and cameras – rather than have cops patrolling them.

But skeptics say it will only end up leading to more fines for motorists – and money for the government – while doing nothing to address the country’s real transport problems.

They are demanding to know why Buttigieg – nicknamed ‘Pothole Pete’ because of the pothole crisis that unfolded in South Bend, Indiana, when he was the Mayor – isn’t doing more to improve things like bridge stability, traffic flow or conditions on crumbling roads and highways.

‘43% of all public roadways in this country are “in poor or mediocre condition.”

‘In other words, we actually are Mexico, though a lot richer.

‘Pete Buttigieg has a plan. Here it is: More speed cameras.

‘Pete Buttigieg would like to quote promote greater use of speed cameras, which the department says could provide more equitable enforcement than police traffic stops.

‘Got that? So because of equity, you’re about to get a lot more speeding tickets from robots. See how that works? Shut up, racist, pay the fine.

So what do you think?

Will speeding cameras help prevent potholes?

Why not use the infrastructure money to actually help improve the roads and fund maintenance?

Instead, this appears to be a government ploy to help the government make even MORE money through traffic tickets.


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