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Justin Trudeau Flees Capital As Convoy of 50,000 Trucks and Crowds of Supporters Descend on Ottowa


Where is the mainstream media coverage of this historic moment?

Justin Trudeau has fled the capital city of Ottowa as the Truckers Freedom Convoy arrives.

Over 50,000 trucks are now part of the convoy, which stretches dozens of miles.

They have now *peacefully* shut down the city of Ottowa.

Despite below freezing temperatures, a crowd of 30,000 people showed up to welcome the convoy into the city.

Watch the footage the media won’t show you below:

Does a man of the people flee from the people?


Donald Trump marched with the people.

He was supported by the people.

But Trudeau and his over-reaching mandates have sparked anger among the Canadian public.

The Week confirms that Trudeau has fled Ottowa:

As thousands of protesters entered Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their home to an undisclosed location somewhere in the city on Saturday afternoon due to security concerns, CBC reports.

A “Freedom Convoy” of some 2,700 trucks entered the Canadian capital city of Ottawa Saturday to protest Trudeau’s COVID-19 policies, Reuters reported.

According to the Independent, around 100 big rigs blockaded a main street running past the Canadian parliament building.

The convoy, which approached the capital from all sides, began as a protest against a vaccine mandate for Canadian truckers crossing the U.S.-Canada border but grew into a wider expression of discontent with the government’s COVID-19 policies.

“These demonstrations are national in scope, they’re massive in scale,” Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly said Friday, expressing concern about the possibility of violent “lone wolf” individuals carrying out violent acts.

Despite the left’s scare mongering of a “lone wolf” attack, the protest has been peaceful and a huge success.

Tens of thousands of people are still pouring into the city.

The 50,000+ trucks have gridlocked the entire city, making it impossible for any vehicles to go anywhere.

And unlike BLM, all of this has happened peacefully!

Think about it folks:

Over 50,000 trucks are part of this convoy.

But here’s the thing – if the media has covered this story, they are leaving out the number of participants.


Because they don’t want the American public to know how much support there is for this movement.

They want it to seem like a “fringe” minority.

But they’re not.

Here’s how the New York Times covered the convoy:

After six days spent crossing Canada, a convoy that began as a protest against mandatory vaccination for truckers who travel to the United States was expected to arrive in Ottawa late Saturday afternoon, with its members and supporters airing a wide array of grievances.

The loosely organized โ€œFreedom Rallyโ€ or โ€œFreedom Convoyโ€ of trucks and private vehicles had set off from British Columbia, and ebbed and flowed in size on the way to the capital, where the police braced for an unpredictable weekend of protests. In recent days, the convoy was joined by other, smaller groups from south and east of Ottawa as well as the national capital region itself.

The movement has attracted people opposed to all pandemic restrictions, others who want Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to step down and some who simply dislike government.

On Friday, Chief Peter Sloly of the Ottawa Police Service declined to say how many protesters the force expected to converge on Parliament Hill. His department said that they were coming to the capital in eight different streams.

โ€œThe demonstrations this weekend will be unique, fluid, risky and significant,โ€ he said at a news conference.

Early Saturday afternoon, streets in and around Parliament were clogged with cars and trucks, most carrying flags or signs denouncing public health measures, as well as protesters often toting homemade signs on hockey sticks. The air was filled will diesel fumes and the sound of honking horns.

Watching over them was a large contingent of police and Parliamentary security officers. The Ottawa police force was supplemented by officers sent from Ontario communities hundreds of miles away, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The media continues to downplay the historic convoy.

They have already broken the world record for the largest convoy in the world.

If the media won’t cover this story, then it’s up to us.

Please share this article with your family and friends so they know what is happening in Canada!

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