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The Great mRNA Gene Therapy Experiment is a FAILURE; Horrific Figures From Israel, Malta & Denmark


The mRNA gene therapy COVID-19 injections are an unsafe, ineffective product. Anyone who argues otherwise ignores reality and feverishly buys mainstream propaganda.

As we eclipse the 1-year mark of the COVID-19 jab rollout, it’s obvious the experimental injections haven’t improved the ‘pandemic.’

Many people, including myself, will argue they’ve made the dilemma far worse.

The censorship of early treatments like ivermectin and HCQ to stuff the pockets of Big Pharma lengthened the manufactured crisis.

And illegal COVID-19 jab mandates enacted by governments and corporations constitute crimes against humanity.

I want to review three highly-vaccinated countries presently exhibiting terrifying figures.

Before we dive into the stats, here’s the latest take from Alex Berenson:

Let’s look at Israel, the first country to move forward with a 4th COVID-19 booster.

Israel’s COVID-19 infection rate is off the charts and death rates have steadily risen throughout January.

Reuters attempted to downplay the alarming figures:

The Reuters COVID-19 tracker shows that on Jan. 20, 2022, Israel reported 87,158 cases – the country’s highest ever total was reported the following day ( here ). The tracker also shows that coronavirus-related deaths are lower than in previous waves, despite vastly higher case numbers.

These figures put Israel at the top of the COVID-rate per capita, Prof. Eran Segal of The Weizmann Institute told Channel 12 News – but he cautioned that rates were likely to be higher in some other countries with lower rates of testing (here).

Malta is among the most vaccinated countries in the world.

Our World in Data shows that around 86% of Malta’s population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Yet, the small archipelago in the central Mediterranean Sea reached its record COVID-19 death rate this week.

The Gateway Pundit took notice:

The world’s model Covidian citizen just reached its highest COVID-19 death rate, despite being one of the most vaccinated nations on the planet with over 85% of the population fully vaccinated. states that 94% have at least one dose.

These are astonishing vaccination statistics. Leaders in most Western countries can only dream of such numbers, yet people are dying in record numbers.

Remember the lie that getting everyone vaccinated would bring life back to normal? Malta complied and life didn’t go back to normal. The country implemented new “COVID-19 rules” on January 13. As the Times of Malta reported, citizens will have to show their papers (vaccine passports) at various venues like restaurants, bars, cinemas, and more. The pass needs to show you have taken the latest booster shot.

It has also been reported that many restaurants are deciding to close (lockdown) while the new “COVID-19 rules” are in place, with about 14% of them expected to permanently shut down.

Highly-vaccinated Denmark finds themselves in a similar predicament.

The Scandinavian nation had a high compliance rate of 81% fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

But that hasn’t prevented an explosion of COVID-19 cases that shattered figures recorded before any ‘vaccines’ were available.

COVID-19 death rates have steadily risen during the winter.

Unlike Malta’s reinforcement of COVID-19 restrictions, Denmark may have signaled the white flag for lockdown measures.

The country announced all domestic COVID-19 measures will be dropped at the end of January.

The Local reported:

The end of restrictions could mean all domestic curbs end although travel rules may remain in place, according to reports from several media outlets. Restrictions are currently set to expire on January 31st.

Frederiksen will announce the decision at a government briefing on Wednesday evening, newspaper Jyllands-Posten writes, citing anonymous sources.

The Prime Minister’s office told news wire Ritzau that the scheduling for the briefing was yet to be confirmed.

In addition to lifting restrictions, Frederiksen is expected to announce that Covid-19 will no longer be categorised as a critical threat to society.

The classification, currently scheduled to expire on January 5th, is important because it impacts the ability of the government to introduce restrictions aimed at curbing spread of the virus.

Alex Berenson noted in Unreported Truths:

Most new Covid cases in Denmark occur in people who are vaccinated or boosted – and that is true for both Omicron and earlier variants. More than 76 percent of non-Omicron Covid infections in Denmark are in vaccinated people, along with about 90 percent of Omicron infections.

Further, only 25 of the 561 people currently hospitalized in Denmark for Covid have the Omicron variant. The Danes do not provide an exact number for patients in intensive care with Omicron, saying only that it is fewer than five.

Perhaps the most stunning fact about Omicron and Denmark is that its rise actually parallels a marked slowdown in the growth of Danish hospitalizations and intensive care patients. Those rose roughly fivefold between mid-October and late November, as the Danes left the happy vaccine valley. Since then they have barely budged, rising about 20 percent.

The mRNA COVID-19 jabs are an abysmal failure, and the remaining question is when governments finally admit they belong in the trash.

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