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Did Biden Greenlight a Russian Incursion into Ukraine During His Press Conference?


Remember when democrats consistently tried to impeach President Donald Trump over alleged “Russian collusion?”

It’s kind of hard to forget considering they tried for four straight years.

Good old Joe Biden gets a pass for every gaffe he makes though, even as he’s basically surrendered to Vladimir Putin already.

During his press conference on Wednesday, Biden made a fool of himself once again.

This time, he may have also encouraged Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine.

While talking about the possibility of a Russian incursion into Ukraine, Biden started out with some strong words, saying:

“Russia will be held accountable if it invades.”

However, immediately following the tough guy act, Biden implied that the U.S. may not do anything if it was just a “minor incursion.”

What does Biden think a minor incursion is?

God only knows.

The only thing that’s certain is that Biden is a weak old man, who by democrats’ own standards needs to be impeached immediately.

Here’s the clip:

Many are calling this a gaffe, and it may very well be.

With Biden, it’s hard to tell whether he means what he says, or he’s having a senior moment.

Either way, we should all be very concerned.

Fake news network MSNBC scrambled to defend Biden after his disastrous speech.

They claimed that he “did not screw up at all” during his almost 2 hour speech.

It’s clear that the Biden Administration suspects that Putin will invade Ukraine.

Kamala Harris’ interview with Savannah Guthrie only further proved that fact:

If they already know this, why would Biden basically actively encourage Putin to do so?


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