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Watch Mike Lindell Call Out Fox News At Trump’s Rally In Arizona


Getting debanked isn’t keeping Mike Lindell from being silent.

CEO of MyPillow Mike Lindell was in Florence, Arizona last Saturday and was given a time slot to speak before thousands of Trump supporters.

Lindell during his time on stage called out DirecTv in his speech for dropping OAN but then quickly turned his attention to Fox News for being silent when it comes to election fraud.

Ever since Fox News gave the state of Arizona to Biden early on election night, many Conservatives have parted ways with Fox News.

The only show worth watching on the network is the Tucker Carlson show because it’s one of the last remaining shows that actually does investigative journalism.

During his speech, Lindell also called Republican Governor of Arizona Doug Ducey “rotten” for refusing to stand up to election fraud.

The Conservative Brief had more on the story:

MyPillow CEO has had a love/hate relationship with Fox News since the 2020 presidential election and right now he is back to hate.

He spoke at the Save America rally in Florence, AZ when he said the biggest issue the Republican Party faces is “conservative media, the ones that don’t talk.”

“The biggest problem we face, it’s not the media, the fake news media — we’re all onto them — it’s the conservative media, the ones that don’t talk,” he said. “One of them rhymes with Fox. Okay? Disgusting. They’re disgusting.”

“They won’t talk about anything,” he said. “When was the last time you’ve seen anybody on Fox talk about the 2020 election? You’re not going to see it.”

If you missed out on Mile Lindell’s speech you can watch it here:

Now here’s a brilliant idea!

A big THANK YOU to the reader who sent me this idea and another huge THANK YOU to all of you who have already jumped on board and made such a big difference!

Yes, I have heard from so many of you and I love how the Deplorables always spring into action.

So here’s the deal….

Mike Lindell has been “cancelled” by over 20 major retailers.

And just yesterday was DE-BANKED….all nine bank accounts at his bank cancelled!

READ MORE >> BREAKING: Mike Lindell Cancelled By His Bank, All 9 Accounts GONE!


For supporting President Trump and for investigating and exposing voter fraud!

In exchange for that, he has been “cancelled” by Costco and over 20 others and now his bank!

Take a look:

BREAKING: Mike Lindell Cancelled By His Bank, All 9 Accounts GONE!

Here's a partial list:

Some people are saying to boycott these companies, and that's ok....but a reader sent me a different idea that I thought was genius!  

Let me tell you about it below...

Forget about these loser companies, let's focus on supporting Mike!

This man is almost single-handedly saving our First Amendment Free Speech rights, and there is a reason they put that #1 on the list of the Bill of Rights.

Without that, all else falls.

It's why in the book 1984, they started by attacking speech and changing speech.

Down the memory hole!  And NewSpeak!

Well, I support Mike 1000% for his dedication to freedom, and instead of boycotting Costco let's just focus on keeping Mike in business!

Mike estimates he will lose $4-10 million PER YEAR from the Costco cancellation.

It's unclear how much the total loss with be among all retailers.

So let's step up to the plate and help him out....

Buy ANYTHING directly from to support Mike....and if you use my promo code WLT you can save up to 66% while doing it.

And here is an incredible idea I want to pass along...

I know some of you already have enough pillows or sheet or towels, so let's make this a WIN-WIN, shall we?

Homeless shelters are ALWAYS in need to brand new (1) pillows and (2) towels and (3) twin bed sheets.

If God has blessed you to already have enough, consider buying new pillows, towels or twin bed sheets and then donating them to your local homeless shelter!

I am going to personally do that myself tonight.

I think there are enough patriots out there that we can make a difference in our communities all across the country.

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Will you join me? 😊

Please comment below if you love this idea and are going to join in!


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