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BREAKING: At least 12 NYC Anti-Mandate Activists ARRESTED For Attempting to Eat Without COVID-19 Passport at Bubba Gump; Including Activist With Cerebral Palsy


A group of New York City anti-mandate activists celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the most according fashion, with a peaceful sit-in at a discriminatory restaurant.

Around 15 activists fighting NYC’s segregationist COVID-19 jab mandate to enter indoor establishments went for a meal at Bubba Gump in Times Square.

Bubba Gump management discriminated against the group for refusing to show their private medical information to eat a meal like a free American.

The group was denied service and peacefully remained in their seats inside the restaurant.

One of the activists spoke to a manager of the restaurant:

Bubba Gump management called the police as the activists refused to leave without receiving service.

Another activist spoke with NYPD, and an officer told the group they should attempt to eat at another restaurant.

In light of MLK Day, the activists talked about Martin Luther King. Jr as history repeated itself before their eyes.


In The Big Apple, segregation and discrimination reared their ugly heads near the end of 2021 and into 2022.

Restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, and other cultural venues banished patrons based on COVID-19 inoculation status.

If you reject a Big Pharma medical experiment, you’re deemed an unclean 2nd class citizen in the most iconic American city.

It’s an era of Medical Jim Crow ushered in by former Mayor Bill De Blasio and continued by present Mayor Eric Adams.

KFF states:

As of January 10, 2022, White people accounted for the largest share (65%) of people who are unvaccinated.1 Over the course of the vaccination rollout, Black and Hispanic people have been less likely than their White counterparts to receive a vaccine…”

While real crime runs rampant in NYC, police officers sent a platoon to handle peaceful activists sitting down inside a Times Square restaurant.

As seen in the footage below, the NYPD sent an army of officers for the “crime” of attempting to legally patronize a public accommodating business.

Here’s a bird’s eye view from another activist on IG Live.

Reports confirmed that at least 12, possibly 15, activists were removed from the restaurant by NYPD for wanting to eat a meal.

One activist captured footage of the initial arrests inside Bubba Gump on Instagram.

NYPD charged the activists with trespassing, including one freedom fighter with cerebral palsy.

The officers quickly ticketed and released the activist in a wheelchair in attempt to avoid negative press.

Instagram captured additional footage of the arrest.

On MLK Day 2022, New York City is home to segregation and medical discrimination against free American citizens.

Restaurants like Bubba Gump violate basic human rights and civil liberties, while police officers ‘follow orders’ to enforce racist and unconstitutional mandates.

It’s a disgrace that history repeats itself on a day in remembrance of civil rights for all citizens of this country.

Until more individuals stand against injustice, this will only spread to other pockets of the United States.


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