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Biden’s True Feeling on Masks?!!! “This Looks Stupid!”


Tell us how you really feel, Joe?

This morning, referring to his mask, Joe Biden said:

This looks stupid!

You see, Joe was talking to a reporter on the White House lawn.

The choppers were going behind him.

It was loud, so Joe had to shout.

Well, we all know that shouting spreads germs a lot more than talking at a normal voice.

So what does Joe do?

He takes off his mask and starts shouting at the reporter!

If Joe was actually following the “science,” then he would have kept his mouth on while shouting in a reporters face.

But instead, he undid one loop, then said, “This looks stupid,” before taking it completely off.

You either wear the mask, or you don’t wear it, Joe!

It’s not that hard!

I don’t know about you, but this was probably a Freudian slip.

In other words, Joe may have been telling us his true feelings about masks.

After all, he *did* take it off and call it stupid!

The Blaze reports:

Did we get a glimpse of how President Joe Biden truly may feel about wearing COVID-19 face masks — particularly while outside?

On Tuesday, Biden removed his face mask and declared “this looks stupid” amid a chuckle while speaking to reporters outside the White House.

Commenters chiming in on the Twitter video from Charlie Spiering — White House correspondent for Breitbart News — as well as those who opined elsewhere on Twitter, more or less echoed Biden’s apparent mask sentiments:

  • “Yes masks are stupid especially outdoors,” one commenter said.
  • “Joe gets one right,” another user quipped.
  • “For show,” another commenter declared.
  • “The first time he has been correct in a long time,” another user noted.
  • “It’s the one time I actually agree with Biden!” another commenter wrote.

If President Trump said that, you know the media would have covered it 24/7.

Of course, they would’ve only used the story to bash Trump, but they’d be talking about it.

Yet the mainstream media has not reporting Joe calling his mask stupid.

No, this is not take news.

This is real.

It’s on video.

But the media won’t report on it because they don’t want to reveal the scam to their viewers.

Despite that, Joe is still requiring the unvaccinated to wear masks to work.

This is part of his mask mandate.

We hope the Supreme Court will strike it down as unconstitutional.

News4Jax has more details on the mask mandate from Joe Biden:

Starting Monday, unvaccinated employees at big companies will be expected to wear masks to work, unless the Supreme Court blocks that portion of President Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate from taking effect.

After hearing four hours of arguments on Friday, the High Court will reconvene Monday morning at 10 a.m.

It is important to note that President Biden issued these mandates before the Omicron variant was first detected. That means the recent surge could play a role in the court’s decision.

The masking requirement for unvaccinated workers is the only portion of the law taking effect today. The actual vaccine and testing requirements are on hold until Feb. 9.

One of the mandates requires large private companies to enforce the vaccine, masking and weekly testing. The other mandate requires vaccinations for healthcare workers at facilities that receive certain federal funding.

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Because they need to see the hypocrisy of Joe Biden for themselves.

If he truly believed in masks, he would not have taken it off and begin shouting in a reporter’s face.

It’s gross.


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