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Larry Elder Accurately Explains Why Democrats Are Pushing the False Jan. 6 Narrative


Larry Elder is no stranger to the insane tactics of the democrat party.

He went up against a wildly unpopular candidate in the California recall election, but the democrats and their weaponized media proved to be too much.

Despite being a freethinking African American man, Larry was painted as the face of white supremacy because he supports Donald Trump.

He recently shared a video on social media which perfectly sums up the democrats’ strategy moving forward.

He also explains that democrats are motivated by one thing currently: ‘fear.’

According to Larry, they’re so afraid of President Donald Trump defeating them, that they’re trying to disqualify Trump from running again via Jan. 6 and the 14th Amendment.

See, if they can prove that Trump indeed incited an insurrection (he didn’t & they can’t), then Trump wouldn’t be allowed to run for office again.

Biden and company are scared and desperate.

That combination will not serve them.

Larry Elder explains:

Larry is not just all talk though.

He backs up what he has to say with actual facts:

Larry is on to something here.

Biden and the democrats are locked in with their current strategy, even as Biden’s numbers continue to tank.

That strategy is to continue focusing all of their attention on trying to destroy President Donald Trump, and alienating all of his voters.

According to the Hill, that strategy will backfire on the Biden Administration:

Here’s what we learned on Jan. 6: There will be no pivot. President Biden made it clear in his remarks that he will pursue the central theme that put him in the White House, no matter how low his polls sink or how bleak the outlook for his party.

What is that theme? That President Trump is an enemy of the state, and many of his supporters are every bit as deplorable as Hillary Clinton thought they were.

Trump hatred elected Biden; that’s all he’s got.

Biden did have a choice. When he addressed the nation in remembrance of the riot that shook the U.S. Capitol, the president could have more aggressively addressed doubts about the outcome of the 2020 election, which continue to unsettle our nation.

In a recent poll, only 46 percent of respondents said Biden’s election was “definitely” legitimate. That is a horrible outcome. Some 71 percent of Republicans described his victory as “definitely not” or “probably not” legitimate, as well as 31 percent of independents.

Democrats are open about their strategy as well:


In fact, they’re not just afraid of President Trump, they’re afraid of the 2022 mid term elections.

Their hope is to lump all conservatives into the “insurrectionist” category to avoid the incoming red wave.



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