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Matt Gaetz Explains Why Democrats are Pushing Jan. 6, Calls it “The Last Card in the Deck”


The last 24 hours have proven one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Democrats are desperate.

They’re desperate to turn public perception of Joe Biden around.

They’re desperate for power, and they’re desperately trying to use Jan. 6 as a conduit to regain that power.

Rep. Matt Gaetz gave a fairly solid take on the democrats attempt to weaponize Jan. 6.

He says it’s the only card they have left to play.

Gaetz appeared on Newsmax, where he explained:

“They are left with January 6th as the last card in the deck.”

Gaetz went on to point out that the democrats have failed in everything they’ve pushed during the Biden Administration’s reign, including Build Back Better and their infrastructure bill.

Simply put, the last desperate idea the democrats have left is calling everyone else “terrorists.”

Gaetz explains:

Our friends at the New York Post have the latest on the democrats and their desperate attempts to weaponize Jan. 6:

What do you call people who have a good case to make but then stretch the truth until it breaks?

Democrats — very desperate Democrats.

Joe Biden is a drowning man who proved Thursday that he will grab hold of anything that remotely resembles a life raft. His attempt to use last Jan. 6 as a savior for his misbegotten presidency reveals more about his party’s predicament than it does about the unsettling events a year ago.

After making several valid points about former President Donald Trump’s continuing refusal to accept the outcome of the 2020 election, Biden promptly undercut his own argument by going too far. Sounding like a late-night TV pitchman selling cheap garden hoses with the promise of two for the price of one, he began promoting his party’s bid to override state laws to federalize elections as the only logical response.

Rahm Emanuel famously urged Dems to never let a crisis go to waste, but they apparently never heard the warning by Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry that “a man has to know his limitations.”

One of the primary strategies the dems are currently employing is to make the Jan. 6 anniversary seem as sad and somber as possible.

Just as President Trump said, they’re putting on a show:

Democrats are trying to create a crisis in order to push their agenda.

That agenda includes making a last minute power grab by destroying election integrity forever:

Liz Wheeler tweeted out a perfect assessment of what the democrats and the media are trying to get out of Jan. 6:

Their attempted power grab is far more transparent than they seem to realize.

This desperations adds up, as Biden’s approval rating just hit yet another new low.

According to Newsmax, his approval now sits at an abysmal 35%:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has dipped to just 35%, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval survey released Tuesday.

The poll comes as Democrat leaders and the Biden administration continue to push for passage of the president’s $1.7 trillion Build Back Better bill, which has stalled in the Senate due to opposition from Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.


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