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If Climate Change Is Such A Big Issue Why Do Elites Continue To Buy Coastal Property?


I have always wanted to live on the beach, but I am scared to….

The reason? Hurricanes.

I am terrified of having everything I own destroyed ,including my home, by one of these destructive storms, so I refrain from actually living at the beach.

I may overcome my fear one day, but my point is this: I actually do fear the weather related phenomena which occurs oceanfront, and so I choose not to live there.

My desires are actually tempered by the very real fears I have. My actions align with my fear of having to deal with flooding, property damage, injury, and potentially death.

Of course hurricanes are a very real thing we have all seen, and many of us are all too familiar with the destructive torrent they bring…

Climate change has been the rallying cry of the coastal liberal elite for decades now, but it has to be said that we don’t really understand the root cause(s) of climate change.

Any combination of carbon, cloud condensing nuclei—that are released from the mining of minerals used in things like green energy technology, our planet’s natural cycle, and changes in its core could all be contributing to climate change.

Yet we never hear about those latter 3 from these people…

That is another conversation for another time though, as I believe actions speak louder than words, which brings me to my next point:

If these people crow so hard about climate change, then why are they buying oceanfront property and entire island properties?

I may be wrong here, but no insurance payout is worth the pain of losing something so dear—even if you had multiple ones, and even assuming that the insurance actually adequately covers the damage.

In the event of a global catastrophe I highly doubt that very many if any of these insurance claims would even be honored, as the insurance system would likely melt down with a record number of claims filed globally.

So why are people like Pelosi, Zuckerberg, and Obama acquiring even more oceanfront property if they truly believe that a worldwide cataclysm is coming to claim these places in the near future?

Doesn’t really make very much sense, does it?

Here’s what we could dig up on the story:

Fox News reports that Obama purchased this island property in 2019:

Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have purchased a nearly 7,000-square-foot home on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts for $11.75 million, according to a report.

The purchase price was recorded Wednesday with the local Registry of Deeds, the Vineyard Gazette reported.

Business Insider writes:

When Business Insider asked three experts about how their retirement plans are affected by their knowledge about climate change, it quickly became clear they agree on a long-term investment they’ll skip: that house on the beach.

As Business Insider’s Aria Bendix reports, sea level rise is threatening $1.5 billion worth of property in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Charleston, South Carolina has already seen homes drop about $266 million in value since 2005. And across the world, cities are poised on the brink of temperature increases and flooding.


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