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Dr. Robert Malone Bombshell: “People with natural immunity have massive risk of adverse events from the vaccine!”


I have another MASSIVE clip from Dr. Robert Malone’s interview on Joe Rogan to share with you.

This is not getting the attention it deserves and it’s a huge risk factor for millions of people.


“People with natural immunity have massive risk of adverse events from the vaccine!”

Now consider that quote with the Mandates and you realize we are dealing with something VERY evil here.

Are millions of Americans being MANDATED to put into their body something very hazardous to their health?

It looks like it if Dr. Malone is right!

In fact, it looks to be criminal — no other word for it.

Well, maybe one:  EVIL.

Watch right here on Rumble:

Now allow me to bring you even more from this interview…

…because it was FANTASTIC!

No offense to Joe Rogan, but who would have expected in 2022 an MMA, actor and comedian would be doing CIRCLES around the so-called Mainstream Media and showing them what REAL journalism looks like.

It’s incredible.

Joe Rogan conducts a better interview than anyone on any of the MSM channels, and it’s not even close.

This is what real news looks like!

This is what real questions look like…

This is what an unfiltered and unscripted interview looks like.

You can be forgiven for not recognizing it because other than Rogan there is almost no one doing this anymore.

Give Dr. Malone a follow on Gettr:

Now let’s explore some clips:


This one is a must-see:


Exactly right:

Thank you Dr. Malone!

This part needs extra attention:

Now watch as he explains how the government killed HCQ and ivermectin:

PCR testing fraud:

Are you awake yet?


Dr. Malone even took time to praise Dr. Zelenko and his ZStack Zelenko Protocol.

Watch here on Rumble:

The ZStack is finally back in stock.

You can check availability here and save 5% with promo code WLT2022.

Who loves ya baby?

Now here’s an idea….

How about we take this guy who tells the truth and replace Dr. Fraudci?

Would you support that?

Add your vote here:

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Support Dr. Malone Replacing Fauci?


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