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CDC Ditches Post-Isolation PCR Test Since Results Can Stay Positive for Up to 12 Weeks


Just when you think the CDC couldn’t get any more ridiculous, they somehow amaze the American public with their incompetency. In their updated guidelines, the CDC dropped PCR tests for the end of isolation because results can stay positive for up to 12 weeks.

That’s essentially an admission that the tests easily generate false positives, and mass testing is all a worthless façade to drive unnecessary fear. You’d think “health experts” would have figured this out long before the irreparable collateral damage of lockdowns, quarantines, business closures, and travel restrictions.

But I’m not surprised the CDC finally admitted their outright lies about PCR testing. However, it’s more shocking so many people still play along with the test theatre.

Per ABC News:

The newly updated CDC guidelines don’t require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told “Good Morning America” Wednesday.

“So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs,” Walensky said.

Walensky also addressed Tuesday’s news from the FDA that, according to early data, rapid antigen tests may be less sensitive when it comes to the omicron variant.

“We do know that the most sensitive test you can do is a PCR test,” Walensky said. “So if you have symptoms and you have a negative antigen test, we do ask you to go and get a PCR to make sure those symptoms are not attributable to COVID.”

Walensky is nearly two years late to the ball game with her analysis that the PCR test isn’t a reliable diagnostic tool for COVID-19.

Let’s review what the PCR test inventor, Kary Mullis, said about the PCR test:

The PCR test was never meant to tell you that you’re sick. Yet, it has been the driving tool to push this “pandemic” for the past two years.

Who knows the exact number of false positives generated from high PCR thresholds? The nonsensical asymptomatic spread was the reasoning for authoritarian lockdowns, and our public health agencies nonchalantly admit the tests can read false positives for up to 12 weeks.

At this point, they’re just toying with the American public.

Zero Hedge noted:

Some had speculated that the lack of testing requirement is due to a short supply of tests – however Walensky said on Wednesday that’s not the case.

“This really had nothing to do with supply. It had everything to do with knowing what we would do with the information when we got it,” she told “CBS Mornings.”

According to the new CDC guidance, people who test positive for Covid-19, yet have no symptoms, can leave isolation after five days instead of ten, without testing again, and should wear a mask for the next five days.

“What we do know is about 85% to 90% of viral transmission happens in those first five days, which is why we really want people to stay home during that period of time,” said Walensky. “And then mask for the rest of the time to capture that last 10% to 15%.”

“We know it performs really well during that period where you’re initially infected, but the FDA has not at all looked at whether … your positive antigen really does correlate with whether you’re transmissible or not.”


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