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Reports of Estimated 1 in 95 Boys Diagnosed with Myocarditis In a California Private School


Since the COVID-19 jab rollout began, the CDC has attempted to write off vaccine-induced myocarditis as ‘mild’ or a ‘very rare potential risk.’

I’ve reported extensively how the risk of myocarditis, especially amongst younger males, is astronomically higher than what the CDC tells the public. A recent study from Hong Kong found that 1 out of every 2,680 adolescent males would develop acute myocarditis/pericarditis.

However, others have reported higher incidence rates of myocarditis that should ring alarm bells of any public health agency with a conscience. In his Vaccine Essentials presentation, Steve Kirsch stated the rate of myocarditis in teenage boys is 1 in 317.

*Source – Steve Kirsch*

While the CDC insists the “rare” myocarditis cases are mild, there’s no such thing as “mild” heart inflammation.

As a paper titled “Viral Myocarditis” from the NCBI Library states:

All patients diagnosed or suspected to have acute myocarditis should be admitted to the hospital and be monitored for hemodynamic instability. Immediate complications of myocarditis include ventricular dysrhythmias, left ventricular aneurysm, CHF, and dilated cardiomyopathy. The mortality rate is up to 20% at 1 year and 50% at 5 years.  Despite optimal medical management, overall mortality has not changed in the last 30 years.

According to Kirsch, a parent from a California private school informed him of shocking real-world data of myocarditis amongst children. Kirsch noted in his newsletter that a parent from Monte Vista Christian School said 3 children were diagnosed with myocarditis following the COVID-19 jab.

Steve Kirsch wrote in his newsletter:

Today, I heard from a parent of a child who attends Monte Vista Christian school that 3 children were diagnosed with myocarditis after they got the vaccine. The school has 855 kids. In autumn, the parent learned that 3 students had myocarditis.

Let’s do a little math.

The ratio of male to female rates of myocarditis is roughly 10:1 so it’s a good bet these were all boys. Roughly half the school are boys. There has never been a vaccine mandate at the school. So I’d estimate conservatively that 2/3 of the kids could have been vaccinated by then. So 855/2*2/3 = 285 vaccinated boys.

So the rate of myocarditis at the school by my estimate is 3/285 which is 1 in 95 boys.

This makes sense to me overall; it is not far from my 1 in 150 estimate.

1 in 95 boys with myocarditis is a train wreck

1 in 95 boys with myocarditis (which is never “mild”) should cause an immediate halt to the vaccines and an examination of how the CDC could possibly miss a safety signal this large.

But I also know what will happen next.

  1. The CDC will ignore this by writing it off as an unconfirmed anecdote.
  2. The “fact checkers” will call the school and the school spokesperson will simply say that they have no comment. Otherwise the school would come under attack or people will lose their jobs. I can pretty much guarantee every “fact checker” will never go beyond calling the school, taking their word for it, and then rating this article “pants on fire false.” That’s the way the system works. Keeping information under wraps is essential.
  3. And of course, nobody outside of the school will be allowed to see the medical records since that is a HPPA violation.

Kirsch said he emailed MVC’s Interim Head of School to confirm the information but didn’t receive a reply. If the parent’s message is verifiable, it would send shockwaves around the country about the rates of myocarditis in young boys.

1 in 95 boys with myocarditis is a tragic disaster and warrants immediate removal of the COVID-19 jabs. Yet, the CDC will remain silent as the health of our youth is ruined for the remainder of their lives. It will be remembered as one of the greatest injustices of the COVID-19 jab rollout since the only people who speak up get ostracized from society.

Besides Kirsch’s report from MVC, other reports point to the cardiovascular catastrophe from the COVID-19 jab rollout.

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Cardiac-related events from the VAERS data is off the charts compared to other vaccines:

*Source – Steve Kirsch*

The number of world-class athletes, particularly footballers, dropping on the playing surface is another glaring real-world example. Around 300 athletes have suddenly collapsed due to cardiac-related issues and the mainstream media remains silent.

And in Argentina, a 3-year-old child died of cardiac arrest the day after receiving the COVID-19 jab. Public health agencies will contend that this is normal, but we know it’s an egregious lie.

The American Heart Association journal Circulation issued a dire warning about increased cardiac inflammatory markers, but it has fallen on deaf ears.


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