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Boosters Lose Protection Against Omicron After Just 10 Weeks


Would you take shots to protect yourself against the common cold?

To most people the answer to that question would be a resounding “no”. The futility of attempting to ward against the common cold through vaccination is apparent for everyone to see.

There would have to be a different shot or round of shots every time the common cold mutated…

Those rare souls who take a flu shot every single year know that at best it has a 50/50 chance of preventing you from getting the flu, and when you do catch the flu it often makes the symptoms worse—not better.

Almost no one that I know save medical professionals takes a flu shot every year.

In fact, I have never taken one in my life, nor am I likely to take one in the future.

Covid-19 shots are really no different…

The latest data suggests that the efficacy of a booster wanes after a mere 10 weeks. This would leave people taking Covid shots roughly 5 times per year…

The first shot didn’t work, neither did the second one! the 3rd one now doesn’t seem so hot….

Any sane person with at least a portion of their brain working—even someone with a significant amount of mental retardation would tell you that the 4th shot likely won’t do the trick.

Yet this is what ‘experts’—a word for the spineless academic scum that have utterly infected our society are recommending that people do.

Those that go along with this at this point are worse than stupid—they’re utterly worthless. Their lives hold less value to me than the common insect—at least the insects don’t know any better…

The time for ‘civility’ is over, and in fact sailed away long ago.

Any one still going along with this charade should absolutely know better. Did God not give them a brain to think with?

Are they truly this cowardly, this pathetic, and this stupid?

Have they never read a damn book in their lives?

The C.E.O. of Thompson-Reuters is also a Pfizer board member and major shareholder for goodness sake, if that isn’t reason alone to walk away from this then I don’t know what could possibly do the trick…

Here’s what government parasites and ‘experts’ are spewing about these fraudulent injections:

According to The New York Post, ‘experts’ are pondering if a 4th shot is necessary:

The UK Health Security Agency said those who had received three doses of Pfizer’s vaccine saw their protection against symptomatic illness caused by the variant drop from 70 percent to 45 percent within 10 weeks, according to a report released Thursday.


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U.S. News reports that Israel has begun trials for the 4th dose of Covid vaccines:

Israel has begun trials of a fourth dose of coronavirus vaccine in what is believed to be the first study of its kind.

The trial began at Sheba Medical Center, outside Tel Aviv, with 150 medical personnel who received a booster dose in August receiving a fourth shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine.

The staff receiving the additional dose were tested and found to have low antibody levels.


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