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EXPLAINED: Why Is President Trump Pushing The Poison Vaxx?


By far the single most frequent question (or you could say complaint) I get by email or in the comments section of my articles and videos is “WHY IS PRESIDENT TRUMP PUSHING THE VACCINE?”

Yes, in all caps.



And I get it.

I am very anti-vaxx and pro-Trump and it’s creating quite the problem.

But I said something recently that I want to reiterate….

President Trump is not dumb, and he is the master at using his audiences to “take their temperature” on certain topics.

He doesn’t always heed to the masses, but he always has his finger on the pulse of the nation.

So I find it impossible to believe he’s just so randomly out of touch on this one major issue.  I highly doubt it.

What I said recently was my hunch is there is much more to this story that we don’t know about and one day (soon I think) it will start to come out.

As always, I believe President Trump is playing 4D chess and playing against multiple parties all at the same time.

While it’s easy for us to Monday-Morning Quarterback and say “vaccines bad!”, President Trump is juggling multiple things all at once and sometimes you have to sacrifice a pawn or even a bishop or a rook to win the game of chess.

That’s what I suspect is going on here.

Now, to advance the story….

I want to show you a video from the one and only Clif High.

If you don’t know Clif, then you might find this video a little hard to follow.

Clif is quite-literally a genius.

Years ago, he worked for Microsoft as the guy who would fix things no one else could fix.

Then he wrote his own computer software that basically analyzed the entire internet and looked for patterns in linguistics that would amazingly start to predict future events.

Think that’s impossible?

He’s had dozens of confirmed hits which are far too long to document here, but I’ll just give you one.

Back in 2017, he was publishing these things called ALTA Reports and Bitcoin was trading at about $3,000 or maybe less.

His software kicked out some data that said in the future, Bitcoin would run up to $64,000 and then pause.  He called it the $64,000 dollar question.  He then said Bitcoin would proceed to lose about half it’s value before climbing up to $100,000.

I won’t bore you with all the charts here but suffice it to say that EXACT thing happened this year – four years after his report.  To the “T”.

All except the last part which only hasn’t happened “yet”.

That’s just one example, there are dozens if not hundreds and fans of Clif can post other examples in the comments.

I only tell you that to tell you this man has an incredible track record founded in big data.  Hard data.

So I was listening to his most recent video today and the entire thing was fascinating.

You might find some of it hard to follow based on some of the words and phrases he uses if you haven’t been following him, but I would still encourage you to listen to the whole thing.

But the key part starts around the 32-35:00 minute mark when he starts talking about President Trump and the vaccine.

He explains EXACTLY what Trump is doing and why he’s doing it.

No, he’s not pro-vaccine.

In fact, Clif suspects he has never taken the vaccine and he reminds everyone that Trump has previously referred to hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies as “vaccines”.

Further, when the FDA re-wrote the definition of “vaccine” to include this new mRNA crap, Clif notes that hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies now fit the revised definition of “vaccine”.

But that’s not all….

Clif confirms my theory that Trump is dealing with multiple facets of this war and juggling many different things.

One of those things was a choice he had to make: either push a vaccine and short-circuit the Deep State timeline or submit to a long and slow death of the population by a 10-year lockdown.

He chose the lesser of two evils and they never thought he would outsmart them like this!

Clif then explains what he expects to happen next as President Trump’s next public comments on the vaccine will likely shift the entire narrative in a way no one is expecting.

You really just need to listen to the whole thing yourself.

So for everyone upset with Trump on the vaccines, (1) I get it, and (2) watch this video.

Here you go:

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