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US IVF Clinics Allegedly Had Increased Miscarriage Rates Right After COVID-19 Jab Rollout Began


According to entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, an IVF clinic informant told him that miscarriage rates at their facility doubled from March through May of 2021.

While a Ph.D. at the clinic investigated “every possible variable,” the informant believed the COVID-19 jabs to be responsible for the sudden increase in miscarriages.

The Ph.D. reportedly refused to consider the shots as a potential environmental change that resulted in higher rates of miscarriage at the clinic.

Since no other variables turned out to be the source, the Ph.D. allegedly deemed the increased miscarriage rate as a fluke.

However, the IVF clinic has contacted other clinics that reported similar problems starting in March 2021.

Steve Kirsch wrote in his substack newsletter:

Here is a sample of some of the problems they’ve had. I’ll add to this list over time as I get more data, but I wanted to share this with you now.

Note: they do NOT track the vaccination status of any of the women or men involved in the IVF process since they believe that the vaccines are safe and effective. I just wanted to point that out in case you were curious.

  1. In March thru May, there was a huge spike in miscarriage rates. It is normally 25% to 30%. In these months it shot up over 50%. They’ve never seen anything like that before.
  2. One woman had very reliably donated 30 or more eggs each time she came in which yielded 5 to 8 embryos. In May, she got her second shot of the vaccine and then came in to donate a couple of weeks later. The clinic was shocked: all of the embryos had all arrested when they checked them on day 5. None of them reached the stage where the trophectoderm forms. I’m told this sort of thing is exactly what you’d expect from the vaccine (see “What happened in Singapore” below).
  3. They are seeing an unknown contaminant in the wells with the embryos. They started noticing this in August, but it could have started sooner than that. They only notice it under high power magnification and it is only the wells with the embryos. They still don’t know what it is or how it got there. Multiple clinics report the exact same thing. This means it is either coming from the sperm or the egg.
  4. This month, 2 of 10 women in their clinic are having serious problems. They both had 38 eggs but produced only 1 or 2 embryos, way below normal.

The Expose noted:

However, it cannot be ignored that the sudden spike of miscarriages and other problems occurs just as the vaccines are rolled out and put into arms.

A 42-page report produced by the Health Independence Alliance explains that due to the vaccine, the miscarriage rate jumped from 28 percent to 40 percent, a 43 percent increase.

Additionally, the report also contains stories about disabilities, deaths and a wide range of other adverse reactions clearly stemming from the vaccines.

Access the 42-page report by the Health Independence Alliance at the following link.

Steve Kirsch listed the following highlights from the report:

  1. Due to the vaccine, the miscarriage rate jumped from 28% to 40% (which is a 43% increase)
  2. The report details stories of miscarriages, death, disability, and a wide range of other adverse events.
  3. Conclusion: the vaccines should be immediately stopped.


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