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12 Year Olds Required To Have Vaccine Passport In Washington D.C.


It’s happening.

What the left once called conspiracy theories and mocked Trump supporters for fighting against is now in full effect and REAL.

Liberal-run cities around the country are mandating that people have vaccine passports to go to any indoor business or public establishment.

That includes coffee shops, restaurants, gyms, and churches.

These establishments will now have to require that people entering to have at least one jab but soon to be 2 jabs by February 15.

The worst part?

The starting age for this Nazi-era requirement is 12 years old…

Watch as the decision develops:

So what is causing these dramatic requirements?

Well, Omicron of course.

A variant of Covid that has proved to be more transmissible but far less deadly.

A few days ago there were virtually no cases in the U.S.

Today tens of thousands around the country are getting tested and positive tests are being attributed to Omicron.

However, there is little evidence to support that new cases are connected to Omicron or that the variant is causing a spike in cases.

It could just be because of colder weather which we all know increases cold and flu across the globe.

Fun fact, both the cold and the flu have shown positive Covid cases when tested… just saying.

But residents are not happy with the new mandate in D.C.

Here’s Fox News with the full story:

Residents of Washington, D.C., and frustrated observers in general were quick to tell Mayor Muriel Bowser what they thought of her new citywide COVID-19 vaccine requirements on Wednesday.

Bowser announced in a tweet that proof of vaccine will now be required at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, indoor entertainment facilities, gyms, and indoor meeting establishments, effective January 15. The news comes amid the rapid spread of omicron, the newest variant of the coronavirus that reportedly has milder symptoms than its predecessors.

Bowser’s order reads that people 12 and older must have at least one dose of the vaccine, which will be upped to two doses by Feb. 15. Her order comes on the heels of similar policies in New York City, Chicago, and Boston.

I don’t want to poke fun at anyone’s name but Bowser is a bit ironic right?

I mean the evil monster from Mario…

Ok back to the story:

Other critics predicted Bowser’s mandate will once again put businesses in unnecessarily rough shape. Charyssa Parent, director of Media Affairs at House Republican Conference, summed up the situation with caps locked.

Just like a Dem to go full hypocrite.

Say something, do the opposite, mandate something, do the opposite.

Truth be told I couldn’t care less what liberal cities mandate because more and more logical people are moving to Florida, Nevada, and Texas in attempts to escape a ridiculous housing market, high crime, and Covid mandates.

What I’m worried about are the 12-year-old kids that are going to be forced to take multiple jabs a vaccine developed in just a year.

When President Trump announced work on the vaccine he said that under his watch it would be by choice and parents could choose whether their kids get vaccinated or not.

Today that is not the case under Biden and his liberal goons running major cities and states.

Parents will now have to vaccinate their kids just so they can be a part of society and that is just not ok!

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And it’s not just D.C. or other liberal cities.

The Federal Government is thinking of taking similar mandates nation-wide:

This is just the beginning but the mandates have begun people.

Just like in the 1940s when Jews were required to walk around with paperwork.

This has always been the liberal agenda to bring fascism to America.


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