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Biden Lies About Masks In White House Statement


According to the White House, people won’t have to wear masks “all the time” as soon as “we make progress” fighting COVID-19.

Fox News has more on the White House’s statement:

A senior administration official told Fox News that the future “will look better” after more people are vaccinated and therapeutics are made more available, adding that the goal is for people to learn how to “live with the virus” without it taking such a toll on their lives.

Here’s the thing, that is a LIE.

It’s a lie because:

1. The vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting covid or spreading it AND

2. Masks certainly won’t help the prevention or spread of covid either.

3. The field goal will always keep moving, there will never be an “end” in sight so long as the government is making money on this.

Science has come out and said as much. Even Fauci (Dr. Fraud himself), has been exposed in emails stating the masks won’t do a thing to stop the spread of covid.

Noted below…a White House staffer (who was vaccinated and masked) just got covid.

Vaccines + Masks = corruption, political gain, money.

Notice how I didn’t list vaccines and masks equaling the “slow of the spread” of covid?

That’s because it doesn’t work. The government is lying to us all.

But they wouldn’t dare give up power, that would cost them too much money.

They need to continue to hype up the scare, advocate for the vaccines to make money and if that doesn’t work, they need to threaten you with mask mandates again because if people hate anything more than getting a shot, it’s wearing a mask all the time.

This comes in light after the administrations comments about people dying if they don’t get vaccinated this winter.

Let me highlight that quote:

For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.

Here are some reactions to this statement from the White House:

Interesting, there are so many other problems going on in the country right now and this is the one the administration is choosing to highlight? Weird, isn’t it?

When do you think they will finally end all the hype?


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