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Defund The Police ‘Budget Hawk’ Sued For Credit Debt


If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones.

It’s a saying we all grew up hearing.

Normal people understood the saying to mean; don’t judge others, instead work on yourself and improve your life.

Entitled people thought; ok, stones don’t work, I’ll throw boulders.

Those people are now on the left and are running this country.

Jo Ann Hardesty is a Portland Oregon commissioner tasked with voting on the city budget.

She is a ‘Defund the Police’ advocate and… am I forgetting something? Oh yeah! She is being sued for personal credit card debt!

Here’s Fox News with the full scoop:

A Portland, Oregon, city commissioner who is tasked with voting on the city’s budget defended herself as an “excellent steward of public dollars” amid concerns over her personal credit card debt.

Jo Ann Hardesty was sued by Bank of America last month for allegedly owing more than $16,000 on two defaulted credit card accounts. She had previously faced a lawsuit from a second creditor over $4,400 in unpaid debt in a case that has since been resolved, The Oregonian reported.

“I understand my personal debt may cause concern since I am one of five commissioners voting on our city budget,” Hardesty told The Oregonian in a statement. “I ask to be judged on my three years as an elected city commissioner.”

Hardesty, who is running for a second term next year, called herself a “budget hawk” when it comes to public matters but that she neglected her personal finances, despite earning more than $125,000 a year.

“I have been an excellent steward of public dollars and that is what Portlanders elected me to do,” she told The Oregonian.

“When I ran for City Council in 2018, like many working people I was reliant on a credit card and built up debt. I live alone, without help, and put all of myself into my work at the City,” Hardesty said in a statement to KGW. “Sometimes that means I neglect to take care of personal matters. I tried to work out a payment plan before with this debt that didn’t work out and intend to pay this off.”

Hardesty reportedly raised more than $500,000 for her city commission campaign.

Ok so just to break that down:

She raised over half a million dollars for her city commission campaign.

She considered herself a ‘budget hawk’ and an ‘excellent steward of public dollars’.

And she has tens of thousands in personal debt that she is being sued over for not paying on time?

Sounds like a liberal in politics to me!

Who thinks it’s a good idea for her to be in a position of power? Comment below.

Dr. Jordan Peterson says that we must first make our bed in the morning before we try to make anything else.

In other words, if you don’t have your house in order how can you expect to change the world?

So why is this woman in charge of Portland’s budget when she can’t even budget her own life!

Here’s Fox News with more:

Hardesty has been an early outspoken advocate of the defund the police movement since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis more than a year ago. Like many U.S. cities, Portland has set a new record for homicides in 2021.

Now I get it.

She wants to defund the police so the law can’t touch her for not paying her debt.

Makes sense.

I really hope that the left starts to wake up and face the cold hard facts.

These people are corrupt and bad for this country.

Every liberal lawmaker or politician is a hypocrite.

They say one thing publically and do the opposite in real life.

AOC tells people not to eat meat, the next day she enjoys a burger.

Newsome mandates vaccines for schools but his own daughters aren’t vaccinated.

The list goes on and on!

Liberals, you need to stop acting like you know everything and listening to selective facts when the officials you elected are lousy!

Here’s how Twitter is reacting:

You know why 80 million Americans voted for President Donal Trump?

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Still Have Trump's Back 100%?

Because that man grew his real estate brand into a multi-billion dollar empire.

He is a champion of personal financial success that’s why we had record low unemployment, record job growth, record GDP growth, and a record-high stock market.

When you put people in office who have never accomplished anything in their personal lives this is what you get.

Biden has been in power for 50 years!

What has he done?

Let that sink in.


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