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TRUMORS: Chemtrails Now ADMITTED By John Brennan Himself!


You’ve all heard of “conspiracy theories”….well this article is called “conspiracy FACT”.

Or another word I like is “trumors” = true + rumor.

In other words, this has been talked about for a long time, and the Deep State has tried to downplay it as just “conspiracy theory” but turns out no matter how much they want to deny it and claim it doesn’t exist, we all still have eyes and brains.

Before we jump in, I have to give a warning:  this is bound to get some people riled up.

It’s ok, I can handle it.

I have to report the truth no matter what people think.

And the truth is that they are spraying heavy chemicals in the skies above us.

I am still baffled that people don’t notice or don’t care, but just look up folks!

And you might see something that looks like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or lastly….this:

My friends, this is NOT normal.

And despite what Wikipedia wants to brainwash you with, these are NOT contrails.

Contrails are short and dissipate quickly.

I remember seeing contrails all the time as a kid and you could watch them disappear quickly as the plane went across the sky.

Not this crap.

These are heavy chemicals designed to stay in the air and spread out.

They don’t dissipate.

They expand.

Big difference.

Would you be surprised to know that the Deep State doesn’t even try to hide it?

They ADMIT it!

I find it so hilarious when people who think it’s a “conspiracy theory” try to defend them, and I want to just ask them….you do know that even the Deep Staters like John Brennan are admitting it?



The thing is, they don’t call them “chemtrails”.

No, that would be too obvious.

They call them “stratospheric aerosol injections”.

Which is a super fancy way of saying chemtrails.

Literally injecting heavy metals into the sky.

Take a look:

Here is the full video:

And because that will almost certainly be deleted by YouTube as soon as I post this, I made a backup.

Here it is on Rumble:

And confirmed here too:


MIT admitting it too:

And this:

And here:

The Deep State likes to call stuff like this “hidden in plain sight”.

Or is that in “plane” sight?

Would you please help us and share this everywhere?

Let’s get the truth out!

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It absolutely boggles my mind how they are doing this every single day in the skies above us and it’s on display literally for the whole world to see and most people either don’t see it, don’t understand it, don’t question it or just don’t want to take the red pill and wake up.

Sorry folks, it’s time to wake up.

All the B.S. about “clean air” and the B.S. Paris Accord and all that garbage and in the meantime they are LITERALLY spraying the air with toxic metals on a DAILY basis.

Makes me furious.

It should make every single American furious.

It’s time to act.


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