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White House: Biden Plans To Run For Re-Election With Kamala Harris In 2024


This just in, The White House has reported Biden plans to seek re-election with his running mate, Kamala Harris (who arguably has worse approval ratings than she does).

Not surprisingly, this will be a MAJOR UPHILL battle for Biden and Harris.

The kicker? Biden and Harris haven’t even discussed the re-election.

How is that possible?

Oh, I know how.

It’s probably because Biden has advanced dementia.

Seen here, Fox News Reports on NY Times Columnist BEGGING Biden not to run for re-election fearing his “uneven cognitive state”

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens on Tuesday implored President Biden to not seek reelection in 2024 and announce his intentions as soon as possible so potential Democratic contenders could begin making preparations to replace him.

In a piece headlined, “Biden Should Not Run Again — and He Should Say He Won’t,” Stephens, a conservative and strong critic of Donald Trump, argued that Biden’s age, as well as his seemingly “uneven” cognitive state, needed to be candidly discussed because it wasn’t healthy for him, his office, the Democratic Party, or the country to remain in limbo about what to do if he decides not to run.

Stephens also argued it would be “liberating” for Biden’s presidency if he announced he wouldn’t run, and that it would energize a currently “listless” Democratic Party.

The good news?

Biden is polling so terribly even Democrats don’t think he should run for re-election.

Even the media is turning on Biden:

Here are some reactions to the White House’s announcement:

Good news, if the election doesn’t get rigged again, speculations of a Republican taking back the White House next, could be a very real possibility.

The Independents definitely don’t want him

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If the election is rigged again (as it very well may be under this administration) God help us.

But, I will say, even if they did rig it again, there’s a very good chance the backlash would be even greater than it was last time.

This time around, more and more people are growing aware of what happened with the stolen election by the day.

Now, if our election process is more secure come 2024, then this is great news, because it will be like taking candy from a baby.

So, all I can say is let’s get President Trump back in office 2024! Trump 2024!!!

Let’s go Brandon!


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