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BREAKING: Biden Approves Abortion By Mail


Joe Biden is a well-known CINO- Christian in name only.

One cannot be Catholic and support abortion.

It’s like oil and water- the two don’t mix.

Not only is the act of a mother killing her baby unnatural, but it distinctly breaks God’s commandment, “Thou shall not kill.”

That means nothing to atheists, Satanists, and the Left.

Fueled by mainstream media, society is also responsible for naturalizing this malevolent act.

Despite the legality of abortion in many states, the pro-life movement has only grown stronger.

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently considering overturning Roe v. Wade.

At the same time, Texas made headlines when its 6-week abortion ban was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court last week.

One Texas law continuously upheld is the ban on the abortion pill mifepristone through telemedicine services.

Nineteen other red states also ban mifepristone from being prescribed through telehealth appointments.

The Biden administration must be feeling the heat from all the winning we are doing.

Today, the FDA loosened restrictions on telemedicine abortions.

The move reversed the Trump administration’s policy of an in-person dispensing requirement.

The President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson, called this a “victory for public health and health equity.”

Newsweek has more:

Mifepristone was approved for use by the FDA in 2000 and is often used with another drug, misoprostol. If taken less than 10 weeks into a pregnancy, it can terminate the development of a fetus. According to the FDA, 200 mg of mifepristone can be taken, with 800 mcg of misoprostol taken 24 to 48 hours later. Users are required to follow up with their healthcare provider around seven to 14 days after taking the regimen, especially if they develop any side effects.

“Today’s news is a victory for public health and health equity. Let’s be clear: The FDA followed the science in arriving at this decision. There is overwhelming evidence that medication abortion can be safely and effectively provided through telehealth,” Alexis McGill Johnson, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement obtained by Newsweek.

“Abortion is time-sensitive, essential health care, and this decision will remove a sometimes insurmountable barrier for patients seeking an abortion,” Johnson continued. “With abortion rights at risk like never before, the FDA’s decision is a long overdue step toward expanding people’s access to safe medication abortion.”

Earlier this year, under the Biden regime, the FDA stopped enforcing the in-person requirement for the abortion pill, using the plandemic as an excuse.

Based on Thursday’s decision, the requirement is now permanently removed.

The FDA says the benefits of mifepristone outweigh any potential risks.

Kind of like what the CDC is saying about a certain jabby jab?

The abortion pill- and only seeing a doctor for it through telemedicine- is all kinds of dangerous.

Pro-life advocates argue telemedicine appointments can carry lethal consequences.

One example is an undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy, which could be fatal, yet is easily discovered at an in-person appointment.

Another argument for in-person appointments is ensuring accurate estimations of gestational age.

The abortion pill only has authorization for up to 10 weeks, so wouldn’t accurate dating be important?

Another risk with chemical abortions is the life-threatening complications that go with it, such as severe bleeding, infection, and the need for surgery.

Tragically, 24 women have allegedly died under the FDA’s watch from the abortion pill.

Fox News has more:

But anti-abortion advocates argue that telemedicine abortions carry weighty – potentially lethal – consequences that may not be fully captured by FDA data, which they say is woefully inadequate.


The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) has said in-person visits are critical to detecting ectopic pregnancies, which can be life-threatening; ensuring accurate estimations of gestational age; and for determining whether women need the medication Rhogam, which is used to prevent complications in future pregnancies.


“The FDA has surrendered to faulty data and bad science promoted by abortion industry lobbyists and put the health of women and girls at risk,” said Dr. Tara Sander Lee, senior fellow and director of life sciences at the anti-abortion Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI). 


“The latest evidence-based science and data confirm that chemical abortion leads to surging rates of emergency room utilization and life-threatening complications, including severe bleeding, infection and the need for surgery. Sadly, at least 20 women have died as a result of the abortion pill under the FDA’s watch, and those are just the cases we know about. Women should absolutely avoid this drug, both for their own health and the health of their baby. Today the FDA failed to stand up to the abortion lobby and failed in its duty to provide oversight and safeguards that protect women and girls.”

Sadly, since the FDA authorized the abortion pill’s use in 2000, 50% of all abortions in 2020 are due to this pill.

Last month, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) released a study confirming the abortion pill complication rates.

CLI found that abortion-related ER visits were higher for the chemical version than surgical.

Chemical abortion visit rates increased by 507% between 2002 and 2015.

Notably, the surgical abortion visit rate increased during those same years, up to 315%.

Despite the risks to childbearing women and the killing of the unborn, Leftists are celebrating the announcement.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Still Have Trump's Back 100%?

There’s no question that Biden is the most pro-abortion anti-life President of all time.

Now, women can get pills through the mail to murder their unborn children.

However, safe and effective Ivermectin remains taboo and forbidden by the FDA.

Build back broken has a whole new meaning now.


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