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BREAKING: Agency Review Confirms COVID-19 Test Kits ‘Contaminated’ After Production; Featured Initial Design Flaw


In February 2020 when the fight against COVID was ramping up and the CDC was taking measures to address the pandemic, the agency was of course tasked to develop test kits under the Emergency Use Authorization Act.

The kits were designed and mass produced for distribution to medical labs across the country.

In record time, the CDC was able to develop a plausible kit to deploy.

But there was only one problem.
Specific flaws within test kits caused a massive flood of FALSE POSITIVES.
Those numbers were then used by the Globalist Media to catapult their narrative of PANIC and FEAR over the “spread” of COVID-19.


Two components of the test panel, the “N1” and “N3” probes, function within the kit to detect and flag the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence. Those probes can be amplified if flawed, triggering a false positive result.

A new agency review in the medical journal PLOS ONE, says the test kits’ N1 component was contaminated, while the N3 component’s flaw was related to an error in the design phase.

One must be curious about the timing of the N1 component and the initial design concept of the N3 component.

Why was the N3 flaw not caught in that initial design phase?

Just like vaccines, test kits take usually take YEARS to develop a plausible design–let alone mass production, rollout, and clinical usage.

Here is a very interesting snippet I found in the medical journal report. It pertains to the timing of when the “contamination” most likely occurred.

Because the EUA kits were contaminated, but not the pre-validation material (pre-EUA), the contamination must have occurred during the post production quality control process or packaging of the EUA kits distributed to public health labs.

Very interesting this occurred AFTER they were produced and BEFORE they were sent out to labs.

I get we are in a pandemic, but February 2020 to present day seems like a long time to finally confirm all of this. To be honest, I bet most people though the kits were flawed on day one. I know I sure did.

COVID is a threat to those older in age and those with comorbidities. Not so much to everyone else, granted you take care of yourself and keep your hands clean.

But where did all of that panic and fear get us?

It kicked us right in the teeth, and now we’re fighting to regain even some of the most basic of individual liberties.

So will CNN or MSNBC offer an apology for their poor journalism or cover this story now?


JustTheNews reported on the CDC’s comments on the study.

Here’s what they said:

The explanation Wednesday marked the agency’s first public statement on the high-profile misstep that occurred during the onset of the pandemic.

In February 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent an inaugural batch of COVID testing kits to public labs across the country. But within days, most of the kits failed to meet standard thresholds to verify their efficacy, with many of them returning false-positive results.

“Those three weeks between when the initial test was rolled out and then failed and before we really had a new test available were a really, really long time,” Kelly Wroblewski, director of infectious disease programs at the Association of Public Health Laboratories.

So how exactly did they get contaminated?

I guess we may never know.

We’re used to that.



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