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Joe Biden Declares 2022 Victory: “It’s About Who Gets to Count the Vote…”


Despite all the polls showing that Democrats will lose the 2022 midterm elections in a historic landslide, Biden just declared 2022 victory tonight.


What does he know that we don’t know?

Well, at a DNC event tonight, Biden admitted the truth:

It’s about who gets to count the vote…

That’s what we have been saying all alone!

Now Joe is saying the quiet part out loud.

Not only was Joe Biden preemptively declaring victory, he was also strangely angry.

He was angry and shouting during tonight’s speech.

It’s no secret that many people have questioned Joe Biden’s mental capacity.

We are not making any claims.

However, it is interesting to note that aggressive behavior and angry outbursts are common for people with dementia.

Per the Alzheimer’s Association:

Aggressive behaviors may be verbal or physical. They can occur suddenly, with no apparent reason, or result from a frustrating situation. While aggression can be hard to cope with, understanding that the person with Alzheimer’s or dementia is not acting this way on purpose can help.

Aggression can be caused by many factors including physical discomfort, environmental factors and poor communication. If the person with Alzheimer’s is aggressive, consider what might be contributing to the change in behavior.


Is the person overstimulated by loud noises, an overactive environment or physical clutter? Large crowds or being surrounded by unfamiliar people — even within one’s own home — can be over-stimulating for a person with dementia.

Even left wing polls show Democrats losing by historic figures.

How can Joe Biden say with a straight face that Democrats will win in 2022?!

Especially with the train wreck of high inflation and Biden’s terrible policies!

For all the talk about Trump’s demeanor, Biden was clearly threatening Republicans.

He was using aggressive language.

In fact, he was saying things that were uglier than Trump’s supposed “mean tweets”!

The New York Post has more details on Biden’s angry speech:

President Biden vowed Tuesday night that Democrats would make gains in next year’s midterm elections, a result that would defy the political odds as the White House grapples with a series of crises.

“We have to keep making the case,” Biden said at a holiday party attended by 400 Democratic National Committee officials and donors in Washington. “And if we do, I believe we’re going to win.

“Let me say this again for the press: We’re going to win in 2022.”

Moments earlier, the president had told Republicans eyeing a return to the majority in the House and Senate next year: “Get ready, pal. You’re going in for a problem.”

Throughout his 10-minute speech, Biden accused the GOP of being “against everything” his party put forward.

“We know what we’re for. But Republicans don’t seem to be for anything,” he said. “Name me something they are for.”

The president later accused Republicans of carrying out an “unrelenting assault” on the right to vote and claimed GOP officials were “following my predecessor deep into the abyss.”

“The struggle is no longer just who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible people to vote,” Biden said. “It’s about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all. It’s a sinister combination of voter suppression and election subversion. It’s un-American, it’s un-democratic, it’s unpatriotic. And, sadly, it is not unprecedented now.”

Don’t be surprised that Biden is speaking this openly.

During the 2020 election, Biden proudly declared that he had the most extensive voter fraud effort in history.

See it for yourself!

Folks, the media isn’t going to cover this.

It’s up to us now!

Please share this with your family and your friends so that they know the truth about Joe Biden!


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