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Study Finds Recipients Of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Have Far Greater Risk Of Guillain-Barré Syndrome Than Pfizer & Moderna Shots


According to new results from an ongoing research study, recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are far more likely to develop the serious but rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) than are recipients of either the Pfizer or Moderna versions in the initial weeks following an injection.

Johnson & Johnson relied on traditional vaccine technology to formulate their experimental serum while Pfizer and Moderna utilize mRNA programming in theirs.

Earlier this year the FDA was forced to attach a warning about GBS to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after many preliminary reports linking the shot to the disease were documented, a majority of which were very serious. We reported on this story back in July.

Since then, scientists and doctors have been analyzing data from the CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink to try and learn more about the disturbing link to this increased risk.

JustTheNews covered the results of the study:

Scientists analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Safety Datalink. Researchers discovered 21 potential cases of Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS). Eleven of the cases were confirmed. The study has not yet been peer-reviewed, and researchers warn that it “should not be used to guide clinical practice.”

The syndrome causes a person’s immune system to attack the body’s nerves. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it causes “muscle weakness and sometimes paralysis. GBS can cause symptoms that last for a few weeks to several years. Most people recover fully, but some have permanent nerve damage. Some people have died of GBS.”

In most cases, people develop GBS after battling another severe illness involving diarrhea or respiratory issues, or even after getting the flu. It is very rare, but someone may develop GBS after receiving any vaccine.

About one in 100,000 people develop GBS under normal circumstances. Of those who took the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the incidence rate of confirmed GBS cases is 34.6 in 100,000 within three weeks of receiving the shot. Most people who developed GBS did so within 13 days of receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine uses traditional vaccine technology, not mRNA like Pfizer and Moderna. The mRNA COVID vaccines had a much lower incidence rate of 1.4 in 100,000 developing GBS within 3 weeks.

The mRNA vaccines are not completely without risks. Both Pfizer and Moderna have been linked to heart inflammation, also known as myocarditis, in males under 30, but those affected generally recover fully.

So if I am interpreting these numbers correctly, you’re roughly 34 times more likely to develop GBS within the first three weeks after the injection of the Johnson & Johnson versus the mRNAs.

Everyone was scratching their heads back in July when this popped up and after the FDA acknowledged at least the link between J&J’s shot and GBS.

The findings now seem to perhaps confirm some of those earlier concerns.

Now, this report has not been peer-reviewed yet and is still ongoing.

But if you look at the official document, it features some very prominent institutions and medical groups contributing to the research. So this is not some random goose chase.

What is sad and frustrating is that none of this ever had to happen.

None of it.

If takes a decade plus to historically develop a vaccine.

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To properly engineer, test, test more, conduct thorough reviews and obtain careful approvals…that requires patience and a lot of time.

You cannot do that safely in two years.

Unless you are using advanced technology that we’re not being told about. That would be another scandal in itself.

There have always been safe alternatives out there but they are constantly being buried by the media and all of those who protect the political establishment.

If we go with the alternative route to treat COVID, then billionaires can’t get richer and politicians can’t become more powerful.

You can read the official documents from the study here.


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