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Jussie Smollett Verdict Proves the Left-Wing Media Thinks You’re Stupid


Most of us understand that the media is lying, and has been lying to us for many years.

Every day that passes, we get more proof of this.

The left-wing media called riots peaceful protests.

They praised Andrew Cuomo despite the fact that he was responsible for thousands of nursing home deaths.

They falsely villified Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandman.

They even pushed fake race hoaxes.

That brings me to the latest proof of their culpability, Jussie Smollett.

Smollett was just found guilty of staging a fake hate crime.

We all knew it was fake from the beginning, even the media, yet they still lied to us.

There’s a simple reason for that.

They think Americans are stupid.

Well, the same people the media thinks so little of are demanding accountability for the media’s role is perpetuating Jussie Smollett’s race hoax.

Smollett has nobody to blame but himself, but he can thank the media for buying him some time.

The Daily Wire has more on the verdict, as well as reaction to it:

After actor Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five counts of disorderly conduct in relation to an alleged hate crime hoax he orchestrated, social media blew up with reaction.

“Tonight, Jussie Smollett can rest knowing that his attacker has been convicted,” Daily Wire emeritus Ben Shapiro mocked.

“Jussie Smollett guilty on first five counts. Sixth count not guilty,” posted The Hill media columnist Joe Concha. “Justice obviously served.”

“Don’t expect any apologies from those who brought this ridiculous take from Day 1, starting with the VP and ABC’s Robin Roberts,” he added.

As the Federalist correctly points out, this hoax never would have worked without the complicit media:

The establishment media has an unusual business philosophy: The customer is always wrong. This unique reversal of conventional business practice is unavoidable when considering the public’s persistent belief of their anti-conservative bias. Anywhere else, the automatic reaction to such perception would be to fix it, yet the establishment media’s reaction is to revel in it.

The latest evidence of establishment media bias comes from their devouring of “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett’s claimed victimhood in a hate crime attack. They could not eat it up fast enough. It was just oh-so-tasty: Prejudice aplenty that all could be blamed on President Trump. Alas, as so often happens in overindulgence, they appear on the verge of having to regurgitate it.  

Instead of the establishment media’s intended story of hateful bias, it has become a story of their own bias. Hearing what they already knew, they ignored everything that ran counter to it—especially the facts.

The retraction, if there ever is any, will be muted compared to the headlines they so gleefully generated—what was shouted from their rooftop, will be “corrected” in their basement. The blame will go to Smollett. The prejudice that made them such ready dupes for a hoax will go unacknowledged, as always. And because their prejudices won’t be admitted or corrected, it will happen again and again, just as it’s been for a long time.

Justice was served, at least partially.

Americans demand more than that though.

They demand that the media answers for these continued lies:

Let's hold the media accountable.

Start with CNN's Don Lemon...


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