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After Recount, Republican A.C. Cordoza Defeats Dem Incumbent; GOP Now Controls VA Assembly 52-48


We have another sign that a red wave is coming.

The Virginia assembly is now controlled by Republicans 52-48.

Republican A.C. Cordoza has officially defeated the Democrat incumbent.

If it weren’t for the recount, we wouldn’t have known that Cordoza won.

The recount verified that, yes, Cordoza won and that the Virginia assembly is now fully controlled by the GOP.

The GOP has been losing Virginia races since 2010.

Virginia has been reliably blue since the Obama era.

This could spell terrible news for the Democrats as the 2022 midterm elections approach:

The media has wanted to avoid talking about Cordoza.


Because he is a black man.

Whenever there is a successful black Republican, the media wants to ignore the story.

The media has a narrative that the Republican party is “racist” and is only for white people.

But Cordoza’s victory this close to the 2022 midterms tells us that the Republican party is making inroads with new coalitions.

The Washington Post has more details on the recount:

Republicans solidified a two-seat majority in the House of Delegates on Wednesday after a recount affirmed that Republican A.C. Cordoza unseated Del. Martha M. Mugler (D) in a close race in Hampton.

The outcome, which a panel of three circuit court judges affirmed Wednesday, gives Republicans a 52-48 majority in the House of Delegates just two years after they lost control of the chamber they’d held for a generation. In 2019, Democrats won a 10-seat majority amid a suburban backlash against then-President Donald Trump, but their reign was short-lived. The GOP roared back to power Nov. 2 with a ticket led by Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin and his running mates, Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears and Attorney General-elect Jason S. Miyares.

Cordoza led Mugler by 94 votes out of 27,836 votes cast on Election Day, a margin below the 0.5 percent mark permitting a publicly funded recount. The recount affirmed Cordoza’s win, but his margin shrank to 64 votes, according to the court’s order.

“Although I am disappointed in the results, I respect the court’s decision, and I am formally conceding my campaign,” Mugler said in a written statement. “Recounts offer the opportunity to make sure each vote has been counted accurately and instill confidence when margins are razor-thin.”

Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah), slated to become House speaker, congratulated Cordoza and pledged to be ready to assume the speakership despite the delay.

“We will continue to work with the outgoing Democratic majority for a timely transition so as to be prepared to work on day one,” Gilbert said in a written statement. “The session begins in a little over a month, and Virginians expect us to be ready to work the moment the gavel drops.”

Even though it was a close race, the face that Republicans are winning in Virginia should be a wake-up call for Democrats.

But as Democrats appear to be doubling down on their radical agenda, they may be in for a rude awakening in 2022.

Cordoza’s win only underscores what pollsters are finding.

While most polls are biased, we have to remember that they are biased FOR the left.

So if these left-leaning polls are showing Democrats losing, then that suggests that a HUGE red wave may be coming.

The New York Times has more details on recent polling:

Brian Stryker, a Democratic pollster, didn’t work for Terry McAuliffe’s campaign in the Virginia governor’s race. But Mr. McAuliffe’s narrow defeat in a liberal-leaning state alarmed him and most every Democratic political professional.

That defeat also prompted a centrist group, Third Way, to have Mr. Stryker convene focus groups to examine why Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin won in a state that President Biden had carried by 10 points last year.

Mr. Stryker drafted and posted a bluntly worded memo with his analysis from the focus groups, and that memo has circulated widely in his party.

The participants hailed from the suburbs of Washington and Richmond and had the same political profile: Each supported Mr. Biden in 2020, and either voted for Mr. Youngkin in November or strongly considered supporting him.


So if you’re advising a Democratic client running in 2022, what do you tell them?

I would tell them that we have a problem. We’ve got a national branding problem that is probably deeper than a lot of people suspect. Our party thinks maybe some things we’re saying aren’t cutting through, but I think it’s much deeper than that.

NATIONAL POLL: Do You Trust Fox News?

What is that branding problem, in a nutshell?

People think we’re more focused on social issues than the economy — and the economy is the No. 1 issue right now.

So what do you think?

Was Cordoza’s victory just a one-off “squeaker”?

Or is this a sign that a red wave is truly building?

Let us know your predictions in the comments below!


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