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Can You Buy a COVID-19 Self-Infection Kit?


Naturally-acquired immunity is a hot topic when discussing COVID-19.

Anthony “I am the Science” Fauci has a difficult time acknowledging natural immunity to COVID-19 exists.

His real name should be Anthony “I am Pharma” Fraudci.

Despite Fraudci’s blatant denial of our natural immunity, evidence is clear that it’s superior to the experimental COVID-19 injections.

Many have made the argument that COVID-19 jab passports make no scientific sense without including natural immunity.

Now, I’ll make my stance perfectly clear.

Any kind of passport, natural immunity or not, is an abomination to humanity. It’s pure evil and a ticket to modern slavery.

Having any sort of passport is immoral and idiotic, but anti-science Fraudci won’t even recognize natural immunity.

Unlike the places where COVID-19 jab passports exist in America, some other countries include a natural immunity feature.

Naturally-acquired COVID-19 immunity is such a hot commodity that many people are willing to pay for it.

Yes, they’re willing to pay to infect themselves with COVID-19.

Theoretically, that makes more sense than taking the experimental COVID-19 injections that do nothing to stop transmission of the virus.

Everyone in the world will eventually contract COVID-19, so some people want to get it over.

That’s the concept with this website that included COVID-19 self-infection kits.

Note that I say “included” since the website is currently down due to overwhelming popularity.

Check it out:

Let me be clear, I’m NOT recommending this for anyone.

But it’s an interesting find I wanted to share with readers.

While their website is down, it’s still accessible in the archive: (translated from Dutch)

Order Corona, you can do it here

 Do you want to determine yourself when you become infected with the coronavirus? With the Corona kit you can make that choice yourself! Everything needed for a conscious infection with the coronavirus is easily and quickly delivered through the letterbox. Administration is simple and can be done at a time of your choosing, with minimal inconvenience to yourself and the environment.

Just at home, in your own safe environment!

Advantages of the Corona kit

Because it is clear when the infection takes place, there is much less risk of infecting others. So safe!

After a positive test via the GGD you will automatically receive a Healing statement

Getting infected via this Corona kit gives the same result compared to contracting an unwanted corona infection. Your body makes antibodies against the coronavirus in the normal/natural way. 

Risks of the Corona kit

Becoming infected with the coronavirus by using the Corona kit has the same risks as undesired contracting of the virus. Do not underestimate these risks, most people get complaints and you can still get (very) ill. 

How soon can I test positive?

YES I want Corona always works according to RIVM guidelines. This means that you can only start testing after complaints. So a logical question is: How long will it take before I get complaints? 

The so-called  incubation period of the coronavirus is between 2 and 14 days. On average, most people get symptoms 5 to 6 days after infection. 

Additional reasons to order the Corona kit:

you are looking for a safe way to get a healed statement

no need for (new) vaccination shots 

Janssen  vaccine may soon no longer be valid. In case of reinfection you can test positive after which you will receive a cured statement

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skeptical about the vaccination program

The Corona kit is without influence from the pharmaceutical industry, just administration of the active virus ingredients 

you will soon be skiing and have been vaccinated with Janssen, but you are going to a country where it is no longer valid, then reinfection is a good alternative, because you are allowed to have a cure with a certificate 

there are no booster shots available yet, the best ‘booster’ is the build-up of own antibodies that are produced after an infection 

Comply with G2 policy 

Vaccinated or Cured, there will be no more choices in the future…

To be able to comply with the G2 policy, you must be vaccinated or declared cured. Everyone automatically receives a cured statement 11 days after a positive test via the GGD. 

The Healed statement can be downloaded via the Corona-check app or via the website


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