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WATCH: As Austrians Get Locked Into Their Homes, The Elites Come Out to Play


Rules for thee, but not for me!

Masks, lockdowns, and travel restrictions apply exclusively to the serfs, and elites have free range to do whatever they want.

That’s been the rule throughout COVID-hysteria, right?

Honestly, I don’t know why average citizens in every country have tolerated the nonsense for so long.

After 20 months of politicians not following their own rules, you’d think middle and lower-class individuals would say that’s the last straw.

For Austrians, maybe this latest development will be the hypocrisy that breaks the COVID camel’s back.

After a brief lockdown for only unvaccinated, the Nazi Austrian regime applied harsh restrictions to the whole country.

But don’t expect this lockdown to apply to the Austrian politicians who make the rules.

Instead of shuttering in their homes, the politicians are living maskless life with their peers.

Will average Austrians locked inside their homes be upset seeing their political class party?

Check it out:

“Live is Life!”

That’s certainly the way things are for Austria’s elitist class.

But for the serfs, shutter in your homes.

No bars, restaurants, or cultural venues, or else that scary new variant will catch you.

When will EVERYONE finally understand this was never about a virus?

Fortunately, many Austrians have defied the lockdown orders from their Nazi regime: noted the public reaction to the gala:

Austria’s elite are in a party mood at a fundraising event, while the country remains in lockdown. Now there is criticism from the population.

Austria’s politicians gave a lot of gas on the party floor.

  • A video of politicians celebrating, who seem to be enjoying themselves at a donation gala, is circulating on Austria’s social media.
  • This is causing a stir on social media.
  • While the Austrians sit in lockdown, the political top party, so the tenor.

Politicians celebrated a party

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In the end, the politicians gave the party floor a lot of gas. With the hit “Live is Life”, Schallenberg and Co. actually celebrated life – and the success of 3.2 million euros for Austrians in need. The political grandees clapped their hands close together – without FFP2 masks – bobbing to the beat. Some even sang along with a few lines of text, as reported in the newspaper “Heute”.

Lockdown users get annoyed

This is exactly what is causing discrepancies on social networks. There, the good mood blows some users on the mind. While the Austrians sit in lockdown, the political top party, so the tenor. A Tiktok clip from the party has now been viewed 140,000 times and sent thousands of times on WhatsApp. Labor Minister Martin Kocher (VP) came under particularly strong criticism on Twitter because he filmed the show act with his smartphone during a phone break. “A large part of the federal government telephoned donors for over three hours as part of the ORF gala (2G +),” he said in defense.

Behind the government backdrops, the strict security precautions for the ORF event are emphasized. All people had been vaccinated and PCR tested (2G +) on the same day, and it was also a working appointment – the political grandsons were to be regarded as contributors to the program.

Can vaccinated and unvaccinated Austrians finally band together to realize the common enemy?

The politicians and elitist class live the high life while destroying the lives of the working class.

It’s disguised as public health, yet some naïve individuals still fall for the same shenanigans.


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